Blogger Academy Applications Started!

Blogger Academy Applications Started!

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Mother and Baby Blogger Academy Applications

Blogger Academy is an educational program organized by ebebek. As a result of the applications, we will start a 5-week training period by selecting 40 prospective mothers, parents, or related persons.

In this process, you will have the opportunity to examine our products and create your own content in the training where many topics will be covered from WordPress to content production.

By moving with ebebek Marketing team, you will be able to get more detailed information about the products and sign beautiful projects together.

If you are confident in your content and want to become a blogger, fill out our application form:


1- Where does ebebek Blogger Academy take place?
ebebek Head Office Training Hall - Değirmenyolu Cad. No: 37 Bostancı / İstanbul

2- Are you going to organize ebebek Blogger Academy in other cities?
It is planned for this year only in Istanbul.

3- What topics will you include in the training?
We will have a wide range of curriculum from WordPress installation to effective content creation and SEO compatible content production.

4- How many people will participate in the training?
Our training quota is 40 people.

5- Why is the training free?
We want to introduce our products to our mothers, fathers or experts who want to take part in this project and come together for future projects. For this reason, we will undertake all stages of the creation of the personal blog site as a midwife without any charge.

6- Can we examine ebebek products in education?
You will be able to review the products you want and create content for them. In addition, everyone will be asked to examine by giving trial products appropriate to their life order.

7- Will expert guests and famous bloggers participate in the training?
We will host relevant bloggers and guests according to the course topics.

8- How many hours and weeks will the trainings last?
We will have lessons every week between 09.00-14.30 for 5 weeks.

9- Will you give a certificate of participation at the end of the training?
A certificate will be issued with the signature of both Ebebek General Manager Halil Erdoğmuş and the trainers.

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