We tell you what will happen when your child grows up!

We tell you what will happen when your child grows up!

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What is your child's favorite item?

Coloring books, crayons and notebooks! He admires all toys with stone keys! He can't leave the whiteboard and the tutorial books… Those soft balls, tricycles, ropes…

Why do you admire him?

It's my rainbow, it's so colorful, it's fun! I'm sometimes amazed at your mind, it's grown up and it's shrunk!

What's her favorite food?

In fact, the presentation is more important than what he eats… I don't know if you believe it, but he loves healthy food! Main food, fruit, salad… He loves energy-giving foods, where that peanut butter?

What's so special about him?

Full of life, creativity! Amazing mind and style of thought sever A benevolent and soft-hearted spirit. Free spirit and energy…

What if his desk worked in an office?

It would be a unique, hygienic and immaculate table. So there would be no office desk. 🙂

You're going on a trip. What kind of place do you want to go?

He would want a city with plenty of museums and parks. He would never say no to a seaside town where he would relax.

What would you suggest if we wanted to buy him a present?

If you buy a gift that will use your imagination will love it! It will tire him, he can be happy to do anything to work his mind. Even if I buy him a book, the world will be his.

Sound artist or a painter… Maybe he can be a good writer! Sometimes you wonder how creative he is, don't you? Every branch of art and professions that he will use his creativity for him 🙂 Doctor, engineer, lawyer…

There are some professions that we cannot think apart from the rules, they work in a certain order and it is like the law they have learned for them! Your child is committed to what he has learned, just like these rules 🙂 Happily, you have a regular, disciplined child who is very open to learning im My teacher is my dear!

She's already beaming around, hasn't she? Can you look at your passion for learning and teaching? What happens when your teacher shows him but you are sure to have a child that you will be very proud of! Free spirit, free profession!

You say sportsman, let's say dancer! Let him be absolutely free-spirited, love who can hold him ne Happy you have a child that you cannot believe what you can do and your abilities mutlu

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