Being a Disabled Woman!

Being a Disabled Woman!

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Hi everyone I'm Jane Elibol, with TEKŞEM Turkey abled Cultural Arts and Education Center Barrier-free access Amazon's founder. Today I'm going to talk to you about being a disabled woman.

I want to start by introducing myself first. I was disabled with polio at age 1.5. The cause of polio disease, which is not seen today, polio virus called a microbe. Polio invades the nervous system created by a virus, causing permanent paralysis.

In 1982, a virus that is common nowadays was last seen in 1992 and now children are born with a tiny drop is destroyed. Oh, don't panic right now, I'm emphasizing one more time nowadays.

Being a Disabled Woman

Now it can be scary when you read it like that I do not know how to stop because I've been disabled as long as I know, but to be a disabled woman every day to climb the Erciyes mountain is difficult and special subject, as a result, everyone does not breathe deeply in Erciyes.

Snowdrop is also a hard-to-produce flower that only comes out in harsh winter conditions. “Because he likes the challenge” I think I love the hard and I'm happy to live like this.

12% of disabled people in Turkey are women and 57,2%. Some women, some mother, some sister and son. There are so many things that we don't know and don't try to find out before we happen…

If a woman wants to walk freely on the street, go shopping, make food and go to the bathroom, now it's as easy for all the women who read it to raise their thumbs.

So what?

Sometimes we get so tired that “but today I want to stop doing nothing, geçer he passes through our hearts, so many things do not pass, the desire to get tired shake you and take the freedom of rest when you throw yourself to bed. There are so many women who spend their lives in bed that they want to live that unknown freedom of standing for even a minute.

Being disabled woman means not being able to reach the kitchen cabinets, not getting on the bus, not being able to live the education life as she wishes, of course, these are all handicapped people, but today we are writing to women and then reading a gentleman and saying that it is a woman problem.

Being a woman is perhaps the most difficult job in the world and being a disabled woman can put a double load on your shoulders. Isn't that how you can overcome this challenge?

Being a disabled woman can sometimes make your choice of clothes difficult, wearing a mini skirt or not! Look at the red patent leather shoes from a distance…

I'm a little focused on solutions, not problems, I'm very happy with my sneakers under my mini skirt. I seem to hear those who say, how can you be happy? It must solve within the human, become self-determined, think.

If you are a woman and a mother you are on the way to a good son, you will learn to solve the solutions yourself without waiting for someone else.

Let me give you an example, you take what you crave yourself and take it to your own mouth, you do your own care yourself, so why don't you do the solutions yourself?

After focusing on solutions, the sun shines on life. Immediately I arranged my own borders att I threw away my pebbles and re-painted my world. Starting from the first house is an important point in the entrance to the human arrangement, you should enter and exit your home comfortably.

Then comes the solutions of the bathroom and toilet small appliances can light the life. Our kitchen life bone is beautiful for you to serve yourself, kitchen cabinets are usually made for women 1.79 cm in length is not very suitable for me if possible, make it appropriate for yourself, if not all the needs to organize and create your own castle.

In fact, these words are for all women, we all need and separate the characters so you'll be the hero of your own life, life requires it. Thus in the world disabled woman not blocked woman Remains.

8 march happy laborer women day beautiful woman.

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