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Care guide for twins: must be raised as separate individuals!

Care guide for twins: must be raised as separate individuals!

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A topic that has attracted the attention of scientists and many people for centuries; twins. Two people who start by sharing the same belly and opening their eyes to the world at the same time and then connecting with a special bond that no one can understand for so many years… DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences Clinical Psychologist Merve Soysal Başa Describes the psychology of twins.

First of all, let's examine what kind of a phenomenon and such kinds of twins are;

Identical twins: The fertilized egg is then divided in half. Therefore, their genetic structure is the same and they are very similar in appearance. Fraternal twins: It consists of the fertilization of two separate eggs by two different sperm. Only 50% of the gene structures are the same. Their appearance is only similar to that of two brothers.

DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences Clinical Psychologist Merve Soysal Başa “Genes are chemical parts of our bodies, or he says. While identical twins are genetically identical, they have been the subject of scientific research and have become the protagonist of many films, series, advertisements and many stories circulating from ear to ear due to the uniformity of their appearance, whether single or twin. In scientific researches, whether our behavior is based on environmental factors or hereditary traits from the gene is a subject that has been investigated very much and twins have been involved in these studies because of gene similarity. For example, the best answer to the question of whether phobias are caused by hereditary or environmental influences may be a study involving twins. The results of a study showed that twins have similar phobias even if they were raised in separate houses. ”

Tasks for parents

With the birth of twins, there are duties especially for parents. Once basic needs are met, children should understand that they are separate individuals and raise them in mind. Contact Merve directly He says: itibaren From childhood, twins have to choose different colors, models or styles, taking into account their taste until they reach the age they can choose, and their preferences should be decisive when they reach the age at which they can make their own decisions. However, in this way, the concept of “sameness ılan, which is tried to be attributed to them by their environment, can be broken. The point that should not be forgotten here is that the twins will never have the advantage of being a big or small child at any time in their lives. That's why we need to make them feel special. ”

In later years, especially after entering adolescence, it becomes clear where the characters resemble or on which subjects they differ. Sometimes the twins are more extroverted, aggressive and attacking, the other is introverted and difficult to communicate with people, wanting to be with only a twin. What needs to be done here is to provide them with alternatives that can make them feel that they are two separate people and that they are special. For example, if there are areas of interest, the two need to be addressed. Hobbies of interest can be created and allowed to enter new environments without another, creating a social environment of its own there. Thus, the relationship that starts to become “dependent birbir on each other leaves its place to a structure that is“ connected sadece only. In the future, the negative emotions they may experience when attending different schools or getting married is minimized.

Twins arouse curiosity

There are typical questions asked by the public due to this situation which arouses curiosity among people about one out of 85 births. For example, twins, whether single eggs or double eggs, are often asked, iniz Does one of you feel the other one? ”. The reality described by many twins is that when something happens to another, they feel distress or restlessness, and they don't know exactly why. Another frequently asked question is; Mu Do you confuse yourself with your twin? ”And research has shown that the identities of the twins have been formed from a very young age and have never experienced such a mess.

Among the situations faced by twins, there are contests to find the difference between twins. When they enter a new environment at the same time, it is the center of attention and the discussion of where the twins are different from each other begins. Since this is a very frequent condition, it can cause discomfort in them.

In short, as in any case, very few people experience this special situation, which has positive and negative sides in itself. Although scientific research continues in full swing to explain this issue, they will still surprise us as they see it on the street.

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