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Books You Must Read For Your Baby!

Books You Must Read For Your Baby!

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Hello, I have prepared a list of suggestions based on topics such as immigration, individual differences, animal rights, sexual abuse, poverty, discovering our talents and emotions, which we had difficulty talking with children and even needed support from time to time.

Prepare to free up your library 🙂

My body belongs to me

Prepared: Sexual Pedagogy and Counseling Society Pro Famillia

Illustrated by: Dagmar Geisler

Translated by: Contact Kazım directly

Publisher: Rhino Publications

When it comes to children, the most sensitive issue we all have is sexual abuse. First of all, do not hesitate to raise the awareness of children and talk to them. Especially because the child's body be aware of their mastery, his ability to draw his own limits and to see this awareness in himself is one of the important points in your progress.

But of course it may not always be easy for the child to determine the clear attitude of border violations and dominance related to sexuality.

First of all, what needs to be done on this subject is to make the child aware of his / her body and to distinguish the situations and events that he / she likes and dislikes. In the next process, you should encourage and give the child a chance to express his or her feelings and wishes clearly.

They should learn to set a certain limit and say “No ında when they encounter an unwanted situation that they do not like. But this does not mean that these limits should be confronted only by foreign people.

So often your child hugging, touching or kiss you if not, you must respect this limit. Because his inability to react to an act that you are forced to do will discourage another human being.

In this sense, the book Ait My Body Belongs to Me ”is a great book that you can talk to your child about and help you when you have difficulty. Would highly recommend !!!!


Writer: Lois Brandt

Illustrated by: Vin Vogel

Translated by: View Hatice's Full Profile

Publisher: Edam Education

We always try to answer children's questions according to their age, but unfortunately we find it a little more difficult to explain some of the issues to children. The book I am going to talk about today also touches on a very nice subject.

Although every family wants to raise their children in the best possible conditions, it is unfortunately not possible in today's conditions.

There is an economic class involving every family and the sanctions imposed by that class. Although these are separated by certain lines among adults, these limits are removed among children. Because the child is one of the purest windows on the world. In any case, you cannot expect a child to understand the presence / absence.

In its simplest example, a child expects and demands that anything he sees in his age group (such as clothes, toys, accessories) be in him.

Mine's Refrigerator is one of the most beautiful books on this subject. Mine and Safiye are very close friends. Safiye's cupboard is full of all kinds of food; Mine's fridge is full of food.

Safiye initially tries to help her friend who is unaware of her mother because she promises her friend, but the solutions she finds go no further than save the day. As such, she decides to support her friend with the help of her mother.

I can say that I liked this naive friendship and sharing, which existed between the two most friends in the book. At the end of the book are small footnotes of how we can help our friends in need.


Written and Illustrated by: Francesca Sanna

Translated by: Contact Zeynep directly

Publisher: Fresh Book

The journey is so beautiful and naive that he tells the war and his lost father in the war, his immigration, his struggle with his brother and mother to cross the border in such a beautiful and naive way that he cannot touch your heart!

Francesca Sanna is a book based on the story of two little girls she met in a refugee camp in Italy. I admired his drawings as much as his subject.

War is one of the issues we have to tell children. Although we try to keep them away from such issues, these people around us, on our streets, in our neighborhood…

Your children see them and I'm sure they ask you. At least let them know, learn about other lives. One of the books you can always open and read again is Journey.

“Birds were migrating just as we did. Their journey was also very long but they never had to cross the border. Hiç


Written and Illustrated by: Antje Damm

Translated by: View Osman's Full Profile

Publisher: Final Culture and Arts

Eliz is a meticulous and somewhat timid old lady who cannot go out because she is afraid of everything. He loves everything tidy and immaculate and sweeps his house every day.

Sometimes he opens a window to let fresh air in. In fact, the whole connection to the outside consists of this window. But one day, after the cleaning, a plane that enters through the window he opens to ventilate his house, and then a boy named Emil, who comes to his door, changes that dark and colorless life of Eliz.

I recommend you make room in your library for the loving story of Eliz and Emil.


Written By: Özge Bahar Sunar

Illustrated by: Uğur Altun

Imprint: Redhouse Kidz

On a day when the sun shone brightly in the sky, the countryside was full of people picnicking, reading books, cycling and doing sports. Everyone will enjoy this beautiful day.

Until the clouds covered the sky and the rain began! People who return to their homes to avoid getting wet with the onset of rain suddenly talk about rain. Then thunder, thunder rises.

Someone who threw dust into the smoke with lightning: Rain Man! He is very upset that everyone is so unhappy because of the rain and decides not to rain again.

People return to their former joyful state as it no longer rains. They have fun in the park, in the garden, in the countryside. When they come, they realize that the grass turns yellow, the animals become dehydrated, and even they are suffocated by the heat.

Hearing-impaired girl, who is trying to dance by feeling the raindrops, is upset that the rain no longer rains. I wonder if the rain ruined some of the day; for some, could it be a miracle?

Özge Bahar Sunar talks about the importance of rain in our lives through a hearing-impaired girl. Of course, the wonderful drawings of Uğur Altun accompany the story.


Writer: Peter H. Reynolds

Translated by: Oya Alpar

Publisher: Gold Books

In discovering the child's abilities, it is very important that you guide the child correctly and support his desire to explore.

You cannot give the child a new ability; but with the right orientation you can reveal the ore inside. Create opportunities to encourage this and encourage it!

In the book I suggested today, Vashti's teacher did exactly that.
Vashti's paper was empty because he couldn't draw anything in the art class, which annoyed him.

Vashti's teacher asks him to put a dot on his paper if he can't draw anything, and then sign it and give it to him. Vashti does what he says. The following week a surprise awaits Vashti in her art class.

The paper Vashti had given to his teacher last week was dotted and hung on the wall framed. Yes, that was the tiny point that Vashti had drawn, and Vashti could draw much better points than that. He would start by opening a watercolor box that he had never used before.

Is a tiny point you made on paper enough to discover your own talent? With the right orientation, of course yes!

When the Saddle Knocks

Written and Illustrated by: Eva Eland

Translated by: Contact Sibel directly

Publisher: Seagull Children Publishing

In order to establish a healthy communication with children, it is very important that the child is able to comprehend the emotions and express the emotions he / she feels. It is very difficult for them to put abstract concepts in their minds especially in preschool period. One of the best methods that you can use at this stage is to embody the emotions so that children can better understand emotions and establish healthy communication.

This emotion, which we call sadness, comes to the child's life at an unexpected moment as something embodied green. He goes after him, sometimes even covering such a large area that there is almost no room for the child. Although the child tries to escape from it, ignore it or hide it, sorrow does not go away. But how can she cope with sadness?

Sadness When he knocks on his door, he feels sad because of an event he has experienced, while at first trying to escape from that feeling; it's the story of a child who discovers how to accept it and get it out of life.


Written By: Mac Barnett

Illustrated by Jon Klassen

Translated by Fatih Erdoğan

Publisher: Mavibulut Yayıncılık

This book is a little different from the familiar wolf stories. You ask why? Because, a wolf is downloaded into the stomach, but knowing that the opportunity to live in the stomach of the wolf for themselves, jam bread, breakfast in the morning, preparing soup for lunch, they are happy when they play music and dance, when they pull something to deceive the wolf that allows them to eat different foods That's the story of the mouse and the duck!

A wolf? What the hell does he do? ?

Wolf, Duck and Mouse is one of my favorite books with extraordinary fun. I'm sure you will enjoy reading. ?

Animal Rights for Children - Exist is the Right

Prepared: Yonca Evcimik

Publisher: Masalperest

In order to change the challenging conditions in which animals live, it is the Right to Exist that consists of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights declared by UNESCO in 1978,

Yonca Evcimik'in contributions and the colors of 15 different illustrator is a wonderful book! Moreover, all the copyrights of the book will be used for the benefit of stray animals.

We wish all living beings to live in better conditions in this world we live together Birlikte



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