Prenatal Need List

Prenatal Need List

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Prenatal Need List

The expectant mothers wait with excitement until the birth of their tiny cubs. This excitement for the tiny pup in your womb reaches even higher levels when purchasing the materials that will be required.

The mummy, whose stomach is growing, immediately goes shopping and buys tunic jumpsuits, babies and imagines their little cubs in them. If you're expecting a baby, it's never enough to just take a few clothes and dream about your baby.

You must complete your preparations in order to pass the prenatal period and the moment of birth perfectly and to solve every problem you encounter safely.

You need to create an accurate list of prenatal needs so that you have everything you need while you are pregnant. To make it easier for you baby need list There are two separate headings to eliminate the missing.

Prenatal Need List for Mother

In order for the expectant mother to have a smooth pregnancy period, be healthy and comfortableIn order to have a comfortable breastfeeding period after birth, should not neglect personal care.

In order to meet these conditions; All the materials you will need are as follows

In particular, puerpera pads that you will need immediately after birth can also be used as puerpera panties. Click here to learn and examine the puerpera pads.

The puerpera pads will help you a lot after birth, especially since they can be tear-off from the sides and can be worn as underwear.

A breastfeeding bra makes breastfeeding easier for the mother and the baby. Click here to view breastfeeding bras: //www.e- / breastfeeding bra

Clothes suitable for body structure after birth;pantsbreastfeeding brabreastfeeding tank top and badia is.

Body to be healthy and comfortable;

The first condition is that our mothers are comfortable. For this purpose, the fabrics do not sweat, cotton and flexible; If the model is plentiful from the bottom of the chest and the abdomen will not compress the pressure cut shirt-blouse, dress, nightgown, pajama suit, t-shirt and sweatshirt should get clothes such as.

Again for your comfort; waist part of the pregnancy to be able to wear later in the months and flexible skirts, tights, tracksuits and pants should buy clothes such as.

The comfort of your underwear is as important as your outerwear.

From the first month of pregnancy until you prepare a birth bag and go to the hospital; you should get enough panties, under belly panties, pants, corset, dressing gown, breastfeeding bra, breastfeeding strap, breastfeeding body and socks.

While these products are made of natural products such as cotton and bamboo, it is important that you do not sweat, while being flexible is essential for your comfort.
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For a problem-free breastfeeding;

First, your milk should come in sufficient quantities. For the production of sufficient milk milk enhancer drinks are exactly the products you need.

For milking and storing in appropriate conditions breast pump and milk storage bag is necessary. In order to breastfeed your baby safely and comfortably, the baby needs list should include a breastfeeding apron, breastfeeding cushion and nipple cream.

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For personal care;

The prenatal requirement list should contain the most basic materials necessary for the expectant mother to feel good and happy.

These materials; anti-crack cream for easy return to your old form, puerpera pad to protect you safely, life-saving mother-baby care bag, mother-baby care backpack, support pillow / cushion for sleeping comfort, pregnant sleep support pillow, pregnant waist support band and pregnant safety belt for a safe journey.

Shopping List for Newborn Baby

The majority of the materials that will be required before the birth of the little puppy's materials are.

Shopping list for newborn babycontains products that you need to take before delivery and that you will need when your mini is born.

To ensure the convenience of shopping these products; nutrition, clothing and textiles, bath and care, baby room, tools and equipment products.

Baby clothing

All textile products your baby wears or comes into contact with must be made of 100% cotton, bamboo or linen.

For your baby to move freely, the fabric of the product should be flexible and the product model should be wide cut. In the shopping list for newborn baby;

  • 2-3 units of 10 hospital outlets
  • 6-8 pieces of overalls
  • 6-8 pieces
  • 6-8 pieces
  • 4-5 bottom with booties
  • 4-5 pieces short sleeve / long sleeve body
  • 5-6 pairs of socks
  • 3-4 sets of 2 pieces
  • Since the hat is also in the hospital exits, you only need to buy 2 more.
  • Since the glove is also in the hospital exits, it is enough to buy 2 more.
  • swaddling clothes
  • There should be at least 2 combed blankets.

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For your baby to feed smoothly and in the best way;

  • 2-3 bottles
  • 2 baby bottle brushes
  • 2 bottle cords
  • 2-3 pacifiers
  • 1pc spout box / spout strap
  • 10 mouth wipes
  • 4-5 aprons are required.

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Baby Bath and Care

You should be very sensitive when buying bath and care products in the baby needs list. The products you get should be of high quality and the components should be natural. in the content harmful chemicals, Heavy metals and toxic substances There must be no.

In this category;

  • Up to 2 packs of newborn diapers
  • 3-4 pack of wet wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Bottom change cover
  • Brush and comb set
  • Newborn foam shampoo
  • Towel
  • You need to buy detergent and fabric softener.

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Baby Room

For your baby to sleep in a safe, peaceful way in his / her room;

  • Cradle
  • Sleeping set or parking bed sleeping set for at least 1 piece crib
  • 2-3 sheets
  • 2-3 pieces of plush blanket
  • Bed-quilt-pillow
  • Sheets and mattresses
  • Bottom opening
  • A suitable closet for putting your clothes and a coat hanger
  • You should get a dirty bag.

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Tools and Equipment

The most important products that should be included in the prenatal baby needs list for your comfort, comfort and safety of your baby; The home type is the lap and travel system stroller.

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Attention! Do Not Leave Control While Making Baby Preparation List

Parents who are excited to take their cubs in their arms and smell them, cannot feel this excitement and impatience. baby preparation list while doing.

This can sometimes lead to unnecessary use of a product that they will never use, or to buy a product that they need more than necessary. For this reason, if you create a baby preparation list by separating according to different developmental characteristics and time periods, such as prenatal, 0-1 years and after 1 year, both did not make any expense in vain, and maybe took 2 years later and caused an unnecessary crowd at home. you are.

If you are pregnant and have not started preparations yet, we recommend you; baby need list firstly, you need to meet your prenatal requirements.

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