How Does a Baby With Mom Spend Time?

How Does a Baby With Mom Spend Time?

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Being a mother is one of the most spectacular experiences in this world. Since the day you held your baby healthy and happy development to sleep for hours to forget to eat meals forgot to skip meals, for days you could not even find the opportunity to bathe sour sour milk has been times when you smell.

Even at such times, without a moment of thought, questioning, you continued to run without complaint.

Congratulations, but have you ever thought of yourself?

Have you ever remembered an old song you heard by chance on the radio, a holiday without running around, a concert where you were singing and shouting, “How much fun did we have??? Of course you remembered, but right after that you heard the remorse that "I'm such a bad mother, I think of myself selfishly!"

Did you know that you don't have to be a great mother and spend time with yourself like you used to be in the old days and do not need to be a superhero to realize your hobbies?

Why Should Mothers Claim Their Identity?

Adapting to the identity of motherhood is both enjoyable and exhausting. Since the day you found out you were pregnant your partner, family and friends You were held by hand, you eat in front of you did not eat behind you.

You rested, slept, read books and walks. After this calm period with the birth of 2-hour baby breastfeeding, degassing, 8-10 times a day to change the bottom, sleep, such as actions that need to be performed in a complete way, it is normal to enter into a busy tempo and forget yourself. Yeah, normal, but right?

Did you know that besides your role as a mother you have important reasons and great responsibilities that you should not lose your personal identities?

The most important reasons to claim your identity are:

  • Experts say one of the cornerstones of a happy baby development is happy parents. It is not just someone who fulfills your responsibilities at home such as cleaning, cooking, ironing. activities that will increase your motivation If you become a social individual, you will be happy. Your child will be happy if you are happy.
  • Children learn by mimicking the best. With imitation, they not only learn colors, numbers, objects, but also improve their behavior and form their characters. Therefore, the role model is important for the little ones. You should not forget that you set an example in front of your children not only as a mother, but also as a woman and as an individual regardless of this role.
  • Having different hobbies outside of work at home go to a concert, theater, sewing course or do sports inform your child of the existence of these activities. It will expand her imagination and help her find areas for future success.
  • Strong mothers can lay the foundation of a strong society. As long as you are yourself and stand upright, the position of the woman in the society will become clear in the eyes of the child. She will grow up to learn that a woman is not only responsible for household chores, but an individual like everyone else.
You mothers should not give up when you are raising a baby; you should also take care of your characteristics, your marriage, your working life and your social life.

How Does? simple but effective ways to take care of your own life at work;

Rest as long as you can!

Insomnia and tiredness can turn even the most calm person into a bomb ready to explode, a cube of anger and a monument of unhappiness. So when your baby is asleep, do not start running around to collect things immediately.

Try to get some sleep. If there is even space, curl up next to your mini. Her smell and wake up in a sweet voice v. will come as therapy.

Care Your Exterior!

The reminder of the photo you took years ago on social media took you to the past years? How much once Well-maintained, beautiful and fit Did you see that you are now, and now you think there is no trace of this state?

Remember, you're still the old, and you're even more beautiful and stronger than before because you're a mother. However, all day at home with pajamas on your hair from the last night and scattered bun scattered around the course of your energy will take down.

Even if you will not leave the house, you should wear comfortable and stylish home clothes and comb your hair. Believe me, you'il feel better. Get hair care, try to get rid of birth weight and sports.

Spend time with your partner at home!

In the evening, after a mini-tea sleep with your wife and a nice brew tea motion picture You can watch. Thus, while watching movies, you will be rested in place and have a common activity with your partner.

It's like we're hearing people say I'm tired of watching movies!

If you think you don't have that much energy, at least at the end of the day, even if you chat with your partner for 10 minutes. Share his situations that upset, tired or make you happy. This will both strengthen your relationship and help you more easily solve the difficulties you face during the parenting process.

Get a Hobby!

Uncover the features that make you. Start spending time on activities you've enjoyed doing before. You can even register for that ceramic course you always wanted to go to before.

Don't worry about how to focus on this fatigue, if your child is safe at home with his father or another adult in charge of care, your hobbies will relax you and give you the opportunity to express yourself.

Evaluate Help Offers from Your Nearby!

Your mother-in-law, your sister-in-law, your elite, or your mother, "I'll take care of the baby, you go out a little."

I do not need anyone's help pride or month how I go to leave my child, I'm so unscrupulous do not do the sentiment. Of course, no one can love and care for your child sizin But remember, grandmother, grandmother, aunt and aunt also love that mini.

As long as you make the necessary warnings, you can entrust your baby to your family, which you are sure will look after very well. So you can enter a different environment for a few hours, enjoy a nice concert, cinema or theater or have a romantic dinner with your partner.

Read Books!

Make sure you have a bedside book. So you can go to different worlds even when you can't leave the house with your book that is always waiting for you whenever you are available. While you are reading, you will have time for yourself, you will be rested and you will increase your knowledge on the subject you want.

What can be as enjoyable as being a mother and taking care of a baby! your my toddler be healthy and happy We know that there is no price for the labor you give for and that you never complain about this hustle and bustle.

However, it is only possible with strong and happy mothers that both the development of your child and the foundation of the psychological foundations of the society in the best possible way. As long as you take care of your own life as a mother and become an individual, the future will rise with you.


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