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When Do Babies Start Sitting?

When Do Babies Start Sitting?

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Before you have children, you explore the answers to many questions and consciously prepare yourself for the arrival of this perfect creature.

When your baby is born and grows day by day, new questions are always added. One of them is “When the babies sits? ”. We have tried to elaborate the answers to this question for you.

When Do Babies Sit?

In the first months of a baby's objects to capture, sucking, splashing, hands and feet, such as moving behaviors involuntarily, in other words reflex behavior.

Your child makes these movements both to protect himself and to get to know his environment. As he grows up, his newborn reflexes are replaced by other reflexes suitable for the month and willingly sitting and walking. When babies start to sit The answer to the question may vary according to the development of the child.

However, the sit-in is expected to occur at certain month intervals.

When children are born, they act unconscious because they cannot make a connection between the brain and the body. Consciousness of your movements 3-4 months Find. At the end of this process, they first move their heads and then their body and legs in the desired direction. Sitting around 6-7 months should be.

What are the transition stages of infants to sitting?

Watching your child grow rapidly and develop different skills with each passing day is an exciting and astonishing experience.

One of the fastest developing periods 0-1 years old.

He also learns the necessary sit-in for his freedom in this period. Babies start to sit when they are months old When we ask ourselves, the first thing we have to do is to make sure our baby is ready.

Below are the stages of the transition to the living process by months:

1 month: In this month, your child can only remain in the supine and prone position. No eager movement is observed in the head and body.2 months: Especially towards the end of the month, it can lift its head for a short while lying on its face and turn left and right.3 months: It can support the elbows and arms while lying on the abdomen and lift the body for a short time. He starts to turn himself on his side.4 months: Especially the head, neck and back muscles are strengthened. Now he begins to turn his body and manages to keep his head up for longer.5 months: Your baby can easily turn himself / herself in any direction. Moves the bed. He can move forward using his legs and arms while on his stomach. It may begin to sit for a short time when supported by the edges on your lap and elsewhere.6-7 Months: During these months, your kitten is now ready to sit without support and can easily keep his head up as the neck muscles develop. This situation makes him very happy as the baby, who is at the stage of sitting, sees the environment more comfortable.8-9 Months: You can move left and right while you are sitting. He can sit on his own while lying down and crawling, or he can sit again while standing.

Another issue that parents should remember is that each baby can pass these stages at different times.

Some babies improve their sitting skills in the early period, while others may sit for 9 months without support. The times given above show average values.

The answer to the question of how many months old babies start to sit varies, especially with hereditary reasons and the readiness of the little ones…

How Can We Help Our Baby Sit?

Your child, who was tiny when he was born, couldn't move on his own, but grew rapidly; He starts to raise his head, sit, crawl and walk.

In order to have the right posture and a solid bone structure in the future, we, as parents, need to support our child. Such issues, with the support we provide, become processes that can be easily overcome by the little ones.

Your baby should exercise!

The researches, the exercises done from the third month physical and mental development positive contributions.

In the first months, it is often more appropriate to massage. 3-4. With the following simple exercises: muscles to strengthen and gain the ability to sit We can help you.

  • Lifting arms to the left and right, holding the wrists.
  • Grasping the ankles of your baby lying on your back, one by one and then pushing two legs together towards your belly.
  • Turning both legs together in a circular motion
  • Make your baby lying on his stomach with his face facing you, raising his head by calling out to him or showing him a toy.
  • Holding hands, gently pulling towards you to lift up to your waist.

You will notice that every time you make your baby perform these movements, he gets stronger and tries to get up on his own.

The answer to the question Bebek When do babies start to sit inde is reserved for your child's movements without help. When you start to observe these behaviors, you can start assisted sitting exercises.

What should be considered during the exercise?

There are some rules that should be observed to ensure that the exercises are beneficial and do not cause health problems. When you follow these rules, you gymnastics clocks it will be great fun for you and your child.

  • Movements to the ground a soft non-slip cover It should be laid.
  • You should choose a comfortable outfit that does not sweat your mini.
  • The room should not be too hot.
  • Simple and non-pushing movements should be chosen.
  • It should be repeated several times in 5 minute periods during the day.
  • For a more relaxing effect before bathing and sleeping It should be built.

You should pay attention to nutrition!

The infancy period, which covers the first years of life, is a rapidly progressing process in terms of growth and development.

This period is a great way to sit and walk, which is necessary for your baby to survive. motor movements time period. because of balanced and adequate nutrition is of great importance for growth and development of skeletal systems.

as known breast milk which is only a miraculous nutrient in the first 6 months feeding is sufficient. However, if your mother's milk is not enough and after 6 months with additional nutrients You can read my articles about the infant nutrition of 0-6 months and the feeding of 6 months baby written by Beyza Uyan. Click the links below. 0-6 Month Baby Feeding: // www. / 0-6-month-baby-feeding / 6-month Baby Feeding: // www. / 6 month-old infant-feeding /

Growth Control!

Growth means that body weight increases with age; to be able to do motor and cognitive skills It means. The speed of development of each child is different and varies depending on many factors.

It is important to make monthly checks growth and development It is determined.

Learning the sitting behavior also depends on the required level of growth and development. You can observe whether your baby is developing enough with regular examinations in health centers.

Having the necessary controls facilitates the treatment process as well as early diagnosis if there is a developmental deficiency in your mini.

What are the situations that require us to worry?

Children may experience developmental delays from time to time for some reason in their developmental processes. They are also late in acquiring some abilities, such as sitting with growth retardation. "Babies sit at how old they are, developmental retardation problem.

This may be due to biological or environmental factors.

  • If your baby, who is 3-4 months old, cannot hold her head up for a short time,
  • If he cannot sit without support and maintain his balance after 9 months,
  • If you are crying in the sitting position and you feel hurt, you should seek help from an expert.

From time to time, parents can compare their children with others in terms of growth and development. In some cases, lagging behind does not mean that your baby cannot learn or has a problem.

The fact that the elders of the family do not start the sitting studies before 7 months with the thought that the spine is bent may cause late learning. The answer to the question of how long the babies are seated is determined as 3-4 months.

It should not be forgotten that babies, like adults, have different skills and can acquire different skills in different months.

When the babies sits If we summarize the answer to the question; They are able to sit supported at 4-5 months and unsupported at 6-7 months. You can make your baby sit and enjoy her freedom in a short time by giving her love and appropriate exercises.


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