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How will my baby get used to daycare?

How will my baby get used to daycare?

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With the arrival of September, all of us began to rush back to school… 🙂 The rush of mothers whose baby will start in the daycare center is completely different. They have different troubles than shopping, will they get used to daycare? Will he call me so much? Cry? These questions do not follow. Let's give you a few suggestions.

What is Nursery?

Nursery and kindergarten are among the most frequently confused concepts. Although it seems to be the same thing, it is based on different purposes. Official institutions, legal regulations and training programs are different from each other.What is nursery or what is the age of nursery If we ask questions briefly; It is a day care center that accepts 0-3 years old children.

If we know what the differences between nursery and kindergarten are, we can better understand what the institution is.

  • While kindergartens are educational institutions, kindergartens are social institutions rather than educational institutions.
  • Kindergartens accept 3-6 years of age while nurseries accept children between 0-3 years of age.
  • While the nursery has a self-care skills and a play-oriented education approach, the aim in kindergarten is preparation for primary school.

Sense of trust is the most important factor affecting the development and future character of the infants. The basis of trust is related to the fulfillment of the basic needs of the baby. Feeding the babies when they get hungry, changing them with a dry cloth when they get wet, taking them in their arms when they cry makes them a self-confident person who can communicate positively with others.

The houses where the little ones are safest are the houses. When he goes out of the border, his parents help him feel the same trust in the places he goes. However, it is very difficult for babies to leave their home where they lived until now and to leave their parents with whom they have endless confidence and to live in an environment they do not know. But it's up to you adults to make things easier.

  1. Get used to the situation yourself

It is normal to be afraid to leave your pup, who is always with you at all times, in the crowded and unfamiliar people. However, if you have enrolled your child in a daycare center, then you have thought about it and made a certain decision. So stand behind your decision.

The only child in that institution is not your child, and you are not the only family that leaves the child in daycare. Be realistic and don't dramatize it. Believe me, as long as you're at home after getting used to it, you'll have more fun and learn something new every day. Think about it and get used to it.

  1. Don't project the process as an extraordinary event

We understand your fears and worries, but the biggest mistake you will make is to make him feel it. Your fear increases his fears even more. If you think that even his mother and father who are stronger than everyone else in his eyes are afraid durumunda If this process is unhealthy, your child's whole education life will be negatively affected. Therefore, your sensitivity is important in the following subjects.

  • Do not chat with your friends over the phone or face to face with your child. If you need to talk, go to another room where he won't hear you.
  • With the exaggerated enthusiasm and excitement as if it was an extraordinary situation with your child, get away from the cak Now will start nursery! ”Mode. Tell me you're happy about this before it gets too focused.
  • Don't constantly talk to her about this with questions and suggestions such as oyna When you go to daycare, play with your friends, okay? ”, Bitir Finish your meals?

  1. Be sure to join the orientation program

The nurseries prepare a short orientation program for the first week. In other words, children go to daycare with their parents for a maximum of 1 week and stay for about 1-2 hours. Usually most parents ebeveyn Already one hour to settle. Even if we don't go. It starts when the orientation is finished. Erek He doesn't participate in this short-term program. However, this short period of time is intended to ensure that it adapts to the environment.

During this time the child knows that his family is there and he feels safe. This sense of trust allows me to take care of the materials, teacher and friends around him, instead of crying and raising the place because he has no family. When he does not attend, he goes to the nursing home on Monday to see that all of his friends have fused and can communicate with the teacher without hesitation. He's not with his family anyway. That's why he can feel lonely and get inside.

  1. Take it to the daycare center

Even if he will go by bus, you should take your child in the first days. Already experiencing the tension of entering into a foreign institution nurserywill be happy that you have gone to school. He doesn't feel alone. You can generalize your positive feelings to the institution.

  1. Keep separation ceremony short

It doesn't matter if the door to the nursery or home. As you leave, give a big, loving hug and a warm kiss. But do all this very quickly. Just don't call to shake your hands one last time. As soon as he looks back, you'il have his mind and he won't want to go. And then when you start to look sad and cry, you probably won't be able to control your tears. Thus, the situation will become a dead end and the separation will become intolerable.

  1. Give subtle messages about not doing much fun while he's away.

“I'm leaving, they'll have fun at home without me. Tam That's just the idea of ​​a new daycare. Don't let him think that. When he's gone, tell him what you don't like about him. Ken While you're at the daycare, I'll do the cleaning. So when you get back, we'll have more time playing games in the evening. ” like…

  1. Get help from the guidance service if necessary

You can request that the guidance counselor teach you parents about how to get through this process most easily. Or if your child is crying too much in the daycare, you should inform the counselor. It can give you an idea of ​​how to behave according to the child's situation and support the child in coordination at school.

There are two very important things for the nursery child. One of them is a safe and loving environment where the basic needs of the institution in which it will be included can be met. The other is that after he leaves, he knows that life at home cannot be a party. How will my baby get used to daycare The answer to the question is that this perspective completely disappeared. The process will be easier for you and your baby if you follow the paths patiently and step by step.


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