Your baby's firsts

Your baby's firsts

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1,5-2 months
Parents often have difficulty remembering their first conscious smile. These “social smiles ötesinde go beyond a good moment, indicating that the relevant parts of your baby's brain are now able to control the eye muscles and thus make significant progress.

From these months on, he has enough control over the vocal cords and begins to hear people laughing or laughing. He will make different sounds that will laugh in various ways until he is one year old, but then laughter will become familiar.

Sooner or later, you'll probably find your baby sucking his feet happily. The method of gathering information is to take everything he takes into his mouth, including his foot. In addition to being aware of his body, he likes to suck his foot. So don't try to talk your baby out of it, because this stage will end automatically. Don't worry, though most babies don't.

Babies love to make a urr burr esi sound and feel their lips slamming together. Don't say nothing but saliva bu This is a way to learn to speak. Your child is learning to use his lips and tongue in different ways. Sooner or later, she'il start using her tongue and she'il love it. Encourage your baby to make other sounds using her lips and tongue. To do this, you just put your face in the shape and make strange noises.

Imitation is one of the greatest tools for your baby to learn the world around him. Now that he can hold the objects around him and grasp them with his hands, he will also want to use the things you use. The fact that the fine motor capability is not sufficiently developed does not prevent it from experimenting. After you have combed your hair, it is only a matter of time before you pick up the comb and take it to the head. Who can claim that our eyes are not in our heads?

10-12 MONTHS
It cannot be generalized that not all babies develop a commitment to an object that makes them feel comfortable, but this is seen in the majority of babies in these months. You may have to carry a teddy bear with you every time you go out. Your baby learns a lot during these months; walking, leaving you… At times, she may feel in danger, familiar moments and a dear teddy bear can pass away immediately. The comfort that this toy feels next to you will make you feel that it is on your side. So he can try new things.

10-12 MONTHS
So far, you've sent her kisses many times, and now it's her turn. Now, his control is so high that at the same time he takes his hands to his mouth, kisses his lips and hands, and then opens his hand and blows a kiss towards you.

12-15 MONTHS
This time your baby is actually participating in the game. Not only does he impersonate you, but often he starts the game. Because “object continuity” is established. Previously, when something went out of sight, he thought he'd disappeared, gone. Now, when something suddenly disappears, he knows how to look around and the possibility that he's not gone completely. It will give him great pleasure to disappear and then appear before him.

13-15 MONTHS
Why do children sometimes put their hands on the floor and spread their legs and try to look back between their legs? Once you have fully developed the ability to walk, it becomes even easier for them to stay in balance. It is very, very enjoyable for them to try new and challenging skills. Looking at the world in the opposite way also improves their visual development. And of course, most important of all, it's fun to do that!

14-16 MONTHS
Don't expect your baby's tango or salsa of course. Considering that it trembles abundantly, it can be likened to some orientation. His style will be more like shaking his body, maybe even just his head, without moving his feet off the floor. In any case, it offers both the developing motor skills and the ability to adapt to the rhythm of music. You can dance with him to encourage him.


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