What to eat during pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy

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From the first examination, you will hear a lot about what you should eat and drink during pregnancy. You will learn that calcium is very important for you and especially your baby's bones during this period, and you will receive the message that you will need folic acid to prevent certain defects during birth. What foods should be avoided? Recommendations change every year, and things that were thought to be healthy five years ago can definitely be on the list of things to avoid. Let's take a look at what you have to cut for nine months. CAFFEINEStudies have confirmed that high doses of caffeine through coffee, tea, cola, cocoa and energy drinks increase the risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. Pregnant women who take caffeine more than 200 mg per day (corresponding to drinks with two cups or more of coffee or 330 grams of caffeine) are twice as high as women who do not consume caffeine. Nutritionists think the best is to choose decaffeinated coffee and other beverages during the first three months of the highest risk of miscarriage. SOFT CHEESESGoat cheese, white cheese made of goat milk, moldy cheese should be avoided. Because some of them are made from unpasteurized milk, they can contain listeriary bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Bacteria die naturally in cheddar and parmesan cheese, while those made from unpasteurized milk carry a high risk. Pregnant women tend to increase food-borne diseases as their immune system is weakened. When these diseases are caught in the first three months, there are risks of miscarriage and premature birth. MEATIf you are considering buying a deli from the deli for the weekend, beware; if they are not properly treated in the workshop or deli, they may be carrying the listerium. As a precaution, heat delicatessen products at home to kill bacteria. You can also cook lamb or beef well. These meats contain a bacterium called toxoplasma, which is rare but can lead to stillbirth and serious health problems. THE FISHYou already know that mercury in many fish is dangerous to your baby. Mercury is a neurotoxin (toxin that damages nerve tissue) that prevents brain development in fetuses. When polluted from water to plants, small fish, from small fish to large fish by passing the largest percentage of the fin is found. The taşıyan don't ha! ”List contains the excess mercury-bearing fish: the shark, the big mackerel, living in the Northern countries, the swordfish and the tuna. Not all tuna fish are forbidden. If you like a toned sandwich, you can consume a ton of canned food, which is very low in mercury, twice a week, provided that it does not exceed 330 grams. The common mistake women make when they are pregnant is to avoid all fish. However, salmon does not contain any mercury and it is a omega 3 fatty acid store which is needed during pregnancy. Ultimately, whatever fish you eat, it's important to avoid being raw or undercooked. EGGDuring this period, no one advises you to stay away from the egg. Egg is a rich source of protein and contains very important nutrients such as choline. But typhoid, food poisoning, which also causes discomfort and harm during pregnancy is much greater than the normal conditions. Because there is a possibility of carrying salmonella which is a type of bacteria. To ensure that the egg will not damage, remove only those stored in the refrigerator and discard dirty or cracked crustaceans. Consume scrambled eggs instead of scrambled eggs and cooked in the form of scrambled eggs. Also, avoid the use of raw eggs in food, do not taste your uncooked cake, do not lick the beater. ALCOHOLThe advice on alcohol is clear. At the end of the researches, it is recommended that all women who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant should stay away from alcohol. The common opinion of all research centers is that there is no alcohol level that is not harmful during pregnancy. However, your doctor may tell you that the alcohol taken is harmless. In some countries, restrictions may be less. What you need to know is the fact that alcohol goes right into the placenta ... So as you drink, your baby drinks too. Pregnant women who take regular or excessive alcohol may develop mild or severe learning difficulties, physical abnormalities and disorders of the central nervous system. A study conducted again shows that children of women who have consumed alcohol during pregnancy have behavioral disorders.


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