3 main stages of pregnancy (2)

3 main stages of pregnancy (2)

Around the 20th week, you will often go to the toilet as the connective tissues will be softened by preparing for delivery, and the enlarging uterus will pressure the bladder. Nevertheless, it is a period in which you will feel very good. Manicure and pregnancy massage without fear. Remember that you will not have time to pamper yourself after the baby is born!To-do list for the periodTooth: See your dentist. Untreated dental and gum diseases increase the risk of high blood pressure and preterm birth in pregnancy. You may not have gone for the first three months because of nausea, so make an appointment now.Vegetable and fruit: You need to get an extra 300 calories every day while you're pregnant. Apples, spinach, broccoli, blueberries by eating foods such as your body and your baby vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.Ultrasound: Take a look at your baby! Most women get ultrasound 18-22. weeks. Your doctor will look at the size of the baby, maybe tell you the sex. In this period, you may also need to have alpha feto protein (AFP), pregnancy sugar, and in some cases amniocentesis.

Shopping: It's time to shop and try out the prams and look at all the other things you'll need.

Petting: Most women experience increased libido during pregnancy. There is no prohibition of sexuality in pregnancy unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Even during pregnancy, sex is better than ever because of the accelerated blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Holiday: If you want to take the last vacation opportunity alone with your partner, go now, while you still have energy and can see your feet from your belly. If you are going to get on the plane, get up and walk at the hour; prevents fluid from accumulating on your legs. General expert opinion, 36 weeks from the end of the journey to stop air travel. Manicure, pregnancy massage, etc. without fear. You will not have time to indulge yourself after the baby is born.Goal of the periodTo exercise. When you found out you were pregnant, were you doing sports? It's time to make sports a habit.Walk: You can accelerate your blood circulation, prevent constipation and reduce tension by walking for 30 minutes almost every day of the week. To avoid dehydration, take a bottle of water. Don't push yourself too hard

. If you're walking fast enough to speak your sentence intermittently, slow down.Swimming: You will see that this sport, which does not force the growing belly, is the most comfortable sport in pregnancy. If you don't like it, try the water gymnastics lessons.Pregnant yoga: It not only teaches you breathing techniques, it also loosens your stretched muscles and works your waist and hip muscles. It is best to attend the lessons of a certified teacher; yoga postures can be tailored to you. Weight training: lifting light weights helps keep your arm and shoulder muscles fit. Avoid movements that require you to lie on your back. Because they can block blood circulation in the uterus.Life in that period bellyDuring the second three months, your baby's feelings develop. He can even hear you. It is more active in this phase. Around the 18th week, you feel that you're returning with a kick in your stomach. At the end of the 27th week, it reaches almost 25 centimeters in length and its weight reaches one kilogram.

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