Was your boy or girl feeling right?

Was your boy or girl feeling right?

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I was 100% certain that I was having a girl from 8 weeks along. All throughout my very first ultrasound (at eight weeks) when the baby looked like a little jelly bean I'd say "Aww she's all cozy in there!" and "How cute is she? I'm in love."

And John would say "What if that's our son in there and you're calling him a her? I'm going to tell him when he's older and he's going to be mad at you" and "Quit guessing- even doctors can't tell if that's a boy or a girl yet!"

It's not like John was rooting for a boy or anything (he had said many times that either would be awesome), he's just a lot more practical than I am - so he's not exactly one to guess something so early on – and is happy to wait for actual medical proof. It's one of the reasons I love him so much. He balances me out.

But I just knew. The only thing I can't figure out is if I just made a lucky guess and randomly ended up being right (there's a 50% chance, which isn't exactly slim) or whether I really knew somehow – like some sort of strong mother's instinct or something.

Sure enough at 20 weeks along the tech looked at us and asked if we wanted to know... and we were like kids on Christmas morning (we just didn't have the willpower to be surprised and couldn't wait to further wrap our minds around who our future family member would be) we practically screamed "Yes!!" The tech was really cute about it. Before revealing anything she said "First I need your official guesses" so I said "Girl! I'm sure of it" and John said "I'll say boy, just to keep it interesting." The tech looked John straight in the eye and said "Well, you're wrong!" and we laughed and cried and I relished the fact that somehow my feeling had been right all along. I knew my little bean and she was a she!

Nineteen weeks later...

... little Clara came into the world and scared the heck out of us (more on that here) but we couldn't have been happier if we tried.

And I still think back to those early prego days and wonder how I knew. I also question whether I'll be as sure the second time around (a friend of mine who had a boy and a girl and then was prego a third time was so convinced she was having a boy since the pregnancy was so similar to her first boy that she did a boy nursery... and then had a girl!). When I really feel like analyzing things I remember that all of the old wives tales for having a girl were true for me:

  1. Lots of morning sickness
  2. A faster baby's heartbeat
  3. Fewer headaches (apparently the lore is that the extra estrogen from carrying a girl can "cure" them during pregnancy)
  4. Abundant swelling and puffiness
  5. A round wide belly as opposed to a thin pointy one
  6. General lack of cuteness (the joke is that baby girls rob their mom of her beauty – which I definitely laughed about).

Oh but one old wives tale was completely untrue: the whole if it's a boy you crave savory things and if it's a girl you crave sweets. I craved baked potatoes and onion rings. Nothing very sweet (although I did love lemonade and orange juice like a crazy person).

So I thought it would be fun to chat about whether you had any strong feelings one way or the other and whether you were right. If you were, were all those old wives tales true as well, or was it just a gut feeling?

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