11 ideas to include in a baby memory book

11 ideas to include in a baby memory book

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My family has this inside joke about me having "middle child syndrome" because I was the only one of the three of us that didn't have a baby book. Maybe in another life I would not have been a "baby book mom" but I am. Max already has one and I'm in the process of working on his little sister's.

Here are some things you may want to consider including in your baby book:

1. A page with pregnancy announcements and/or pictures of positive pregnancy tests.

2. Fortune cookie fortunes of my hopes for that particular child. (This is great to decorate pages with)

3. Ultrasound pictures: I like to include one from each ultrasound session and I make a special page for gender reveals. "It's a _____"

4. Lists: I included a list of cravings for Max. I'm thinking about including a list titled "what we almost named you..." for this little girl.

5. Baby shower memories or keepsakes: Did you get a card from the "cool aunt?" Did you get pictures of the gifts? These are great things to include.

6. The birth story: I like to put the hospital bracelet and any cute paperwork I got from the hospital on this page or these pages, plus that very first picture. Good or bad, all the details about the day the baby was born. I loved hearing my grandmother tell my mother's birth story, she made it sound like they shut down every street in town for her doctor to make it to the hospital.

7. Funny stories about the first few weeks: Every baby is different. Did your baby hate diaper changes? Was breastfeeding a hassle? include it! These are exactly the kinds of moments that will be cherished later on.

8. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures: Even and especially the unflattering hospital pictures or the "Mommy is in sweat pants and has at home nursing all day" pictures. It might look horrible now, but it's an accurate depiction of what life was like with baby.

9. Your baby's milestones: Which ones stuck with you? Did you have a smart cookie who could lift his or her head from birth? When was the first bath time an how did baby enjoy it? Pick the milestones that meant something to you. I didn't get to put many of these in Max's baby book, but I treasure the ones I do.

10. Items that make you think of this particular baby: Poems, comic strips, more pictures, popular song titles at the time, buttons. Maybe include a little explanation why it makes you think of your child.

11. Letters to your baby: Did you or daddy write a letter to the baby while you were pregnant or shortly after they were born? Those are baby book worthy.

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