Top Trader Joe's kid food finds

Top Trader Joe's kid food finds

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Parents love Trader Joe's. Why? Because Trader Joe's has its (metaphorical) finger on the exact thing parents want: food beloved by children yet not offensive to parents. Snacks that are located in the nebulous space between "healthy, kids won't eat it" and "junk, parents won't buy it."

But if you shop at TJ's, you already know one of the more painful aspects of the store: They're always changing up their selection. Those veggie-stuffed ravioli that you loved so much last month, the ones your second grader wanted in her lunch every Thursday? They've been phased out. You'll never see them again.

At the same time, new products come flooding in every month too. You can have some new trail mix to assuage your pain while getting over that ravioli.

So with that in mind, I took a trip to my local TJ's to suss out currently available snacks and meals that kids will eat. Here's what I found.

1. Babybel Cheese

Crazy easy to tuck into a diaper bag or lunchbox, this snack even has a built-in toy: the mini-cheese's wax coating is fun to mold and smush.

2. Fruit Sauce Crushers

So easy to feed to your baby or toddler, doesn't have to be refrigerated, kids like them, full of real fruit. I wish the sauce didn't have apple and carrot juice concentrate, which ups the sugar content considerably, but you could do a lot worse with a grab-and-go snack.

3. Trader Joe's Fruit Bars

Yes, yes, whole fruit is better. Sometimes kids don't want to eat that, but they will generally eat this delicious fruit leather, made of fruit with no added sugars, preservatives, artificial colors or anything else that makes parents nervous.

4. Trader Joe's Bean and Rice Burrito

These little beauties are perfect for a little-kid lunch, and they wait patiently in your freezer until you need them. Then you throw them in the microwave and they're good to go. There's a little bit of cheese in the burritos, but nothing spicy or weird, so even toddlers will eat them happily. These were a packed-lunch staple for my daughter for many years.

5. Inner Peas

So, so good when you're in the mood for a chip but can't justify them. And $1.49 a bag, whereas the name-brand ones sold in my grocery store are $2.50.

6. Spindrift Sparkling Water

Looks enough like a soda to register as a treat, but it's just bubbly water and fruit, no added sugar. Hurray for festive water, which I found can revive a going-downhill kid outing.

7. Trader Joe's Organic Apple Sauce

Delicious, fruity, easy to bring along wherever you go. Sold.

8. Cheese sticks

I don't know about you, but I always appreciated the non-threatening variety TJ's offers in this item. Your kid gets sick of white-and-stringy, he can move on over to the orange, and back. Helps things not get too samey same.

9. Freeze-dried fruit

This stuff is gold, especially in the winter when everyone's getting sick of apples and oranges. We like the strawberries best, but our local TJ's hasn't had them lately. This is the next best thing, since my kid doesn't care for the apples, blueberries, or mango (but your kid might!).

10. Mediterranean Hummus Snack Pack

Sometimes you have it together enough to scoop some hummus into a container and pack some chips in a reusable baggie. Sometimes you even have it together enough to MAKE the hummus (I have never personally made it to homemade-pita-chips level of superhuman cookery). And some days? You can just grab this thing from the fridge and bring it with you for a quick healthy-ish snack that's usually enough for you and your child (or two small kids).

11. Citerrio Genoa Provolone

They're salty, they're processed, they contain nitrites. But they're super easy to throw into lunch boxes, and I see them all the time in the lunches at my kid's school.

12. Joe's O's

By law, each toddler parent must have at least 2 gummy containers half full of Joe's O's with them at all times.

13. Pomegranate seeds

Poms are a pain to peel. These are easy to open, and pre- and gradeschoolers love the jewel-like seeds.

14. Chocolatey Cats Cookies

When everybody wants a treat, but you don't want to shell out for some 400-calorie monstrosity from a coffee shop (why have chocolate chip cookies morphed into things the size of your palm? I guess so they can cost $3.50), these delicious cookies often suffice. They're good, but not so good you can't resist them when they're in the house, so they hang around your pantry for a while and stay crisp in their plastic bucket.

15. Silver Dollar Pancakes

Little kids always want pancakes. Probably because they don't have to spend an hour getting them ready, only to see your small child eat one tiny cake. With this handy package, you can heat up only a couple of teeny cakes at a time, perfect for little kids' birdlike appetites.

16. Edamame

Just the thing to pop into your microwave and put on the table to keep little fingers and faces busy while you get dinner ready.

17. Inner Beans

In my humble estimation, these aren't as good as the peas. But they're full of fiber, so maybe your family will like them?

Okay, what did I miss?

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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