Children and social life

Children and social life

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The environment in which the child lives has an important role. The more children see and experience the environment in which they live, the more they learn. Of course, it is up to you to make sure that the environment you present to your child is as multifaceted as possible and that these factors will positively affect your child's development.

Experts define the ortam living environment is their school için for children in the 0-6 age period. Because children of this age cannot read or write, they can only learn, understand and experience what is happening around them. For this reason, it is one of the most important responsibilities of the family to keep the relations of the children with their environment at the maximum level and to follow this relationship in a positive way for the first six years.

What can you do?

Prepare a place for your child to play, make sure that this place is in their own room.

? Try to buy toys according to your child's different developmental characteristics (language development, intelligence development…).

? Try to acquire materials that match your child's learning style, for example, if your child is prone to learning by hearing, buy educational cassettes, and picture books if he / she is prone to learning by sight.

Don't hesitate to accompany your child while playing, ask him various questions during the game to help him understand the game better.

? Try to create storage spaces, cabinets and shelves for your child to put toys and supplies in their room.

? Try to locate materials and toys by attaching various markings and shapes to these storage locations. When you do this, your child will not have difficulty in collecting his toys and will easily fulfill his responsibility.

? Try to get your child toys and materials made from different materials. (Cloth, paste, soil…) So your child will have the opportunity to experiment and learn different materials.

? Choose materials that are suitable for your child's safety. Please note that it does not contain any substances that may affect your child's health. Take care to buy children's toys with “CE” emblem that is accepted in many countries today. Because this emblem shows that no substances that affect your child's health are used in the construction of that toy.

? When making the necessary arrangements in your child's room, please note that the placement does not present any danger to your child. Avoid using very high cabinets and shelves. High cupboards and shelves can be both unusable and dangerous for your child.

Impact of environment on child's behavior:

Since children can recognize many more elements in a rich environment, their development will be better than other children. The rich environment does not mean the environment of expensive toys or materials, but the rich environment is the environment that offers the child a lot of opportunities to experience. The fact that your financial means are not good does not prevent you from forming the environment. You can create the farklı rich environment gerekli necessary for your child by introducing your child to different objects in your home and letting them try them out.

Your child carries out many activities that will positively affect his / her development, such as developing creativity in this environment where different elements exist, learning the use of different substances, establishing necessary cause-effect relationships and solving problems. However, children will not be able to play as they wish and complete their development in an environment without various elements. As a result, they will turn to different things, such as televisions and computers. It is up to you to prevent these negative consequences, and all you have to do is push your possibilities for the best…

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