Trying to conceive? Here's how to decode the online jargon

Trying to conceive? Here's how to decode the online jargon

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If you happen to be trying to conceive (TTC), and aren't familiar with birth clubs and or preconception online communities -- such as the Getting Pregnant group in the our site Community -- that first experience of wading into the pool might leave you scratching your head.

This is because members in these forums tend to speak an entirely different language.

Even casual terms like DD, DS, LO and DH threw me for a loop at first. Decoded, they stand for "dear daughter," "dear son," "little one" and "dear husband," which are quick ways to reference members of your family.

But how was I supposed to know that?

With all of this talk about LMPs, OPKs, BFPs or BFNs, AF, DTD and more, I was all like, "OMG, WTH?!?" when I began lurking in the August 2011 Birth Club five years ago. It got to the point that if I came across a thread with too many acronyms, I threw up my hands in defeat and clicked away without attempting to decode.

What do you think? Is this a BFP or a BFN? I SWEAR, I see a line! (For the record, I retested and found out I was pregnant with my third child three days later.)

Three kids in, I'm now a TTC (trying to conceive) jargon expert. And you can be, too.

To start, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with common getting-pregnant terminology. This genius chart of TTC acronyms will come in handy as you're interacting with others who are in the same boat. For a more extensive list, you can find a complete acronym chart in the Getting Pregnant group.

Now that you have the entire list memorized let's try a test run:

“It's been about two months since I stopped my BC. DH and IDTD last week and now I'm 7DPO. But man, this 2WW is so brutal! Based on my LMP, my EDD would be November 21 if I do get a BFP. Anyone get their BFP yet? Baby dust to all!"

This translates to:

"It's been about three months since I stopped my birth control. Dear husband and I did the deed last week and now I'm 7 days past ovulation. But man, this 2-week wait is so brutal! Based on my last menstrual period, my estimated due date would be November 21 if I do get a big fat positive. Anyone get their big fat positive yet? Good luck (like fairy dust)to all!"

I know it all seems a bit confusing now. But after a little practice, you'll be throwing around two- and three-letter acronyms with the best of them. But before throwing around the acronym AF, ask a teenager what it means.

I was pretty sure I saw two lines, but a digital test confirmed baby number three!

Baby dust to all couples who are currently TTC. May you all get your BFPs -- FX!

This post was originally published in June, 2016.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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