When you're super pregnant, everyone else has their baby first

When you're super pregnant, everyone else has their baby first

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While waiting to go into labor, it feels like every other pregnant woman around you is having her baby.

All the celebs who announced they were expecting around when I did have popped out theirs. Then Chrissy Teigen, Hilaria Baldwin, Jordin Sparks, Ali Fedotowsky, and Gail Simmons. I swear if Eva Longoria, Meghan King-Edmonds, or Kate Hudson gives birth before me, I’m going to cry.

Then there’s the fact that everywhere I go, I see women toting brand, spankin’-new babies. Babies I know were just born a few days or weeks ago. At Starbucks this morning, I saw a newborn who couldn’t have been more than 48 hours old. I thought, “That’s what’s inside my tummy, kicking the crap out of me right now, keeping me up at night and making me pee every five minutes!”

The other night my family and I headed out to a food truck event in our community, where no fewer than three new moms with teeny babies in slings were on hand sipping wine or beer. Just to rub it in that I’m still pregnant and can’t drink.

No, of course I know that other moms giving birth has absolutely nothing to do with me. They aren’t going into labor and delivering their bundles of joy just to spite me. It only feels that way as I huff and puff, trudge and lumber my way through my final weeks of pregnancy. Each of which is really a 31-day-long month, not a week. Or so it seems. I mean, why does it suddenly feel as if there are 14 hours between breakfast and lunch?

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone else who is in the same boat as me, super, duper pregnant and just praying that the end is near. It would really help if I could commiserate with a fellow soon-to-be new mama. So my fellow final weekers, where are you? How are you? How are you making it through the end of your pregnancy sentence? And do you agree it feels like every other pregnant mom around you is having her baby before you?

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