Stylish everyday toddler clothes

Stylish everyday toddler clothes

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  • Mini Boden

    What it is: Hail, Britannia! This UK brand features play clothes in vibrant, cheerful colors and splashy patterns that keep dresser drawers brimming with fun. Nearly everything is prewashed for softness, even the chunkier knits, which means they feel great right out of the package.

    What to watch out for: Sticker shock – you may want to splurge on a few choice pieces and stock up on basics elsewhere.

    How much: $16 to $56

  • OshKosh B'gosh

    What it is: The iconic overalls you probably wore as a kid are still around, and you'll have fun dressing your toddler in the classic engineer stripe or colorful corduroy versions. OshKosh also has a full range of denim jeans and other everyday staples like polo shirts and stretch cotton leggings. There are even plaid button-down shirts in a bodysuit version with snaps – a smart solution for keeping little shirts tucked in.

    What to watch out for: Some parents say the fabrics could be softer.

    How much: $16 to $38

  • The Children's Place

    What it is: Stylish separates abound at this store, from polka-dot skorts with matching tees to preppy polos and mini blazers. Fun graphic tees come in a rainbow of colors, and there's lots of cozy activewear like fleece sweats and hoodies. Their stuff is cute and practical to boot – for example, parents love the grippy socks, which are great for early walkers.

    What to watch out for: If you're shopping online, the search function could be better.

    How much: $8 to $60

  • Zara

    What it is: Many moms love the grown-up fashions from this Spanish chain – and now the toddler-sized crocheted dresses and tailored blazers are just a click away. Fashion-forward denim, sporty sweaters, darling dresses, and a large selection of very chic shoes round out the collection, which is just as nicely priced as the selection for adults.

    What to watch out for: Zara is about fast fashion, which means that the quality of the fabrics and construction could be better.

    How much: $9 to $45

  • Old Navy

    What it is: Say what you like about this megastore, it does excel at offering trendy toddler clothing at rock-bottom prices. You can score colorfully designed tees and rough-and-tumble jeans that are great for the playground, as well as fancier pieces like party dresses and cable-knit sweaters.

    What to watch out for: Poor quality. Don't expect clothes from Old Navy to last very long – though at the rate your toddler's growing, it might not matter.

    How much: $8 to $25

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