Holiday gift ideas for babies

Holiday gift ideas for babies

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  • What your little one really wants

    These presents will hold your baby's interest and provide entertainment for months – maybe even years! From sweet teethers and rattles to music makers and play mats, these gifts are sure to become new favorites.

    By Amy DiLaura

  • A green teether

    Technically it’s yellow, but environmentally speaking, this easy-to-grip panda is as green as they come – made of 100% natural rubber and free of phthalates, PVC, and BPA.

  • Your baby's new favorite

    Every baby everywhere loves this brilliantly colored wheel filled with little round beads that swirl, click, and clack enchantingly. Suction-cup it to any surface – the dinner table at home or in a restaurant, for instance – and watch your baby grab and bat at it as you get a few hands-free moments.

  • A soft and squishy book

    It's never too early to start raising a reader. This soft book has interesting textures, crinkly sounds, and chewable corners – and you can even toss it in the washer!

    Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Book, Whose Feet?

  • Sweet dreams

    This graceful mobile is designed to calm babies, but it's just as effective at soothing sleep-deprived parents with its gentle drifting clouds. (Make sure you hang it safely if it's in your child's room.)

  • Beautiful, chewable art

    Your baby will love nom-ing on these smooth wooden beads connected by elastic – and even adults might not be able to resist picking them up and playing.

  • Bouncy ball bonanza

    Babies need balls that are small enough to grasp and soft enough to avoid damage when flung across the room. This set is made for tiny hands in an array of sensory-stimulating colors and textures.

  • Soft blocks for beginners

    These squishy blocks are the perfect introduction to stacking and building. Softness is key, because the only thing little ones like better than building towers is knocking them down.

  • One cup, two cup

    These stacking toys are so versatile and durable, you'll probably still have them in the bathtub when your little one heads off to first grade.

  • Baby jam band

    This set helps your baby feel the rhythm – it includes a shaker, maraca, rattle, and cage bell. Let the merrymaking begin!

  • A play mat for rug rats

    Cradle your baby in a cushy cloud with this beautiful baby gym that won't do a number on your living room décor. Hanging toys light up, squeak, and rattle to keep your baby entertained; a baby-safe mirror reveals an entrancing image of an adorable babe.

  • Lights, music, activities!

    This adorable activity center includes a newborn play mat, infant activity center, and toddler play table. The seat also adjusts to three height positions, making it the ultimate toy to grow along with your baby. She will love the musical alligator with light-up keys that detaches from the activity center so she can take it anywhere.

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