How do other parents do it? Breastfeeding at home

How do other parents do it? Breastfeeding at home

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  • When it comes to breastfeeding, there's no right or wrong as long as it works for you and your baby. You'll have your own setup and routines. You might have a glider, a favorite spot on the couch, or a fully decked-out nursing station. Maybe you'll check your social networks, crochet, work, or watch your favorite shows while nursing. If you're looking for ideas – or just curious – here's a glimpse into the many ways and places you can choose to breastfeed your baby at home.

  • Tables times two

    "I feed my baby in a swivel rocker in our living room. I keep a burp cloth on the back of it and a stand on each side. One has necessities like my tablet and books for me and my baby, my crochet bag, the baby monitor, pens, a nail file (to file my baby's nails while he sleeps), and nipple cream. The other stand has my coffee, water, food, TV remotes – whatever I might need in the moment. I also keep his toys nearby." – csquidg

  • Multitasking mama

    "I work full-time from home with my baby girl. Sometimes I nurse in our bed lying down, and sometimes I nurse while working. It gets crazy, but I'm making it work. Thank goodness for my work ethic and very understanding management." – sarahdmac

  • Shelf-ish needs

    "I sit in the glider. I put up a shelf to store a pump and burp cloths, and hooks to hang blankets and my nursing pillow from. Turns out that shelf comes in handy for snacks, my phone, drinks, and the remote as well. I wish I'd had this kind of setup with my first child. It makes things so much easier." – isabelco2011

  • Fully loaded

    "This is where I breastfed my newborn. I had a nightstand, a lamp, a chair, an ottoman, an electrical outlet, water, nipple shields, baby wipes, breast pads, lanolin, burp cloths, a breast pump, a phone charger, lotion, lip balm, and a baby toy with sound and flashing lights. Plus, my breastfeeding pillow would always be hanging over the back of my feeding chair." – mmichelleee

  • Strictly horizontal

    "My son would only nurse in the side-lying position. We would lie on the couch or a blowup mattress, as I was too sore to crawl into our very high bed. I'd have my phone to time his nursing and to keep myself entertained, a bottle of water, and a pillow or two for my head." – Jborron2

  • Supreme comfort

    "I sit in an oversized recliner and use a breastfeeding pillow. I keep a tray next to the chair. My must-have items are a huge jug of water, remote controls, a snack, a book, and a jar of coconut oil (for nipple cream)." – Bethany2366

  • Meets all needs

    "For my entertainment I have my phone, the remote control, and a tablet. For health and nutrition I have water and snacks. For positioning I have a footstool, a pillow for my back, and my nursing pillow. For my baby I have boobs and burp cloths." – Stephens9

  • Pillow fort

    "I have three pillows behind me for back support and comfort, one pillow on each side, and a breastfeeding pillow for my baby in front. I keep my phone, the TV remotes, and a burp cloth on the opposite side for convenience. I always have a bottle of water within reach. I mostly nurse on my bed, as I am all about comfort." – Groundhog boy

  • Bare necessities

    "This is my third rodeo, so I get by with very little: A pillow for my back, my grandmother's rocking chair, a nursing stool that my husband made for me, and a nursing pillow. I also keep a glass of water and my phone nearby in case I need them. Oh, and I am typing this while nursing." – heartnut1

  • Hooked on social media

    "Usually I just nurse on the couch by my computer so I can check Facebook, BabyCenter, and whatever else online." – willowprincess

  • Thirsty work

    "I almost always feed my daughter on the sectional. When she was a newborn, I used a nursing pillow to help keep us both comfortable. I always keep a bottle of water or some other drink within reach because breastfeeding makes me extremely thirsty." – Susanb15

  • Empty nest

    "This where I planned to breastfeed, though we never actually did. My son would feed anywhere and everywhere until he was about 4 months old. Then he became very particular. These days we always seem to end up sitting on my bed. I did buy a breastfeeding pillow, but for me it was waste of money, as any small pillow would have done the job." – caseymama88

  • Daybed

    "I have a bed that I use as a couch. I keep breast pads and cloths here, water, a book and my tablet. We're moving to a new house in a few weeks and will be getting a glider once we're there, but I hope to keep the same things around." – LeahJohnson111

  • Treasuring the time

    "I keep a full water bottle by my bed and my couch. Sometimes I use a pillow. My main focus is to relax, enjoy the bonding experience, and not rush. It's a total labor of love." – TomorraB

  • The "no setup" setup

    "As far as I'm concerned, one of the benefits of breastfeeding is that there's no need to set up. I just whip it out and go." – sahelmi

  • Watch the video: Breastfeeding NICU Preemies, Step 5: Getting Ready to Go Home (July 2022).


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