8 best socks and hose for swollen feet

8 best socks and hose for swollen feet

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Mild swelling in the ankles is very common during pregnancy. See our top picks for maternity compression socks.

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  • Favorite Playful Socks

    Newzill Compression Socks

    Newzill's Swag series pairs its patented wicking and odor-control tech with playful patterns for a compression sock worn by pro athletes and pregnant moms alike.

    Available at Amazon starting at $8.99

  • Favorite Comfort Socks

    Bombas Women's Compression Socks

    Specially spun yarn makes these socks soft and durable. What's more, for every pair purchased, the company donates a pair to a homeless shelter.

    Available at Bombas starting at $18.00

  • Favorite Mild Compression Socks

    Dr. Motion Women's Knee High Socks

    For opaque compression socks in bright colors and playful patterns, these socks fit the bill – and an inexpensive one at that!

    Available at Amazon

  • Favorite Sheer Stockings

    JOBST UltraSheer Diamond Pattern Knee High

    To complete your business or evening outfit, look no further than these ultra-sheer knee-highs in a flirty diamond pattern from a trusted brand in unisex support hose.

    Available at Amazon starting at $40.72

  • Favorite Open-Toe Stockings

    Lemon Hero Thigh High Compression Stockings

    The open-toe design makes wearing flip-flops possible, while the anti-slip silicone band at the top keeps these stockings snug against your thighs.

    Available at Amazon starting at $21.95

  • Favorite Thigh-High Stockings

    Mediven Comfort Thigh-High Compression Stockings

    These German-engineered stockings feature a reinforced toe, stay-put technology, breathable material, and a comfortable fit.

    Available at Amazon starting at $51.18

  • Favorite Footless Socks

    PRO Compression Calf Compression Sleeve

    PRO, a leader in supportive socks designed for runners, offers these compression calf sleeves featuring the same moisture-wicking material to aid circulation and reduce fatigue, with a graduated compression rating of mmHg 22-26.

    Available at Amazon starting at $19.99

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