Great homeschooling supplies for preschoolers and older kids

Great homeschooling supplies for preschoolers and older kids

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Many parents are facing tough decisions about whether to send their kids back to preschool and school. Whether you're looking at a full classroom experience, distance learning, homeschooling, or a combination, it can be helpful to stock your home school space with educational products that can help fill any gaps. The following supplies will help little hands busy and little minds engaged. (And, perhaps, parents' sanity intact!)

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  • KidKraft Kids Study Desk with Chair

    A kid-size workspace

    While the beauty of homeschooling or remote learning is that you can tailor them to your child's specific needs, some families find that a separate study area is a big help. Setting up a kid-friendly desk in a corner of the house or bedroom might be just the motivation your child needs.

    Available at Amazon starting at $290.00

  • Trade Quest Plastic Clipboards

    Handy for staying organized

    Keep your kids organized with daily work by setting out their individual worksheets and schedules on their own colored clipboards. That way, they can get started first thing in the morning and know exactly what's due that day. Genius, right?

    Available at Amazon starting at $14.95

  • Julie-Home Wood Desktop Organizer

    A smart sorting system

    With home schooling comes a lot of home paperwork – which means that a smart sorting and filing system is vital for keeping paper clutter under control. I have four school-aged children, so I bought this four-tier shelf for our kitchen countertop and designated a shelf for each child. When they finish work that needs grading or have papers that need attention, they file it in their slot and I can go through it later. Clutter = solved!

    Available at Amazon starting at $36.99

  • My First Book of Tracing

    Tracing for tots

    Even toddlers as young as 2 can get used to holding and using a pencil with this workbook from Kumon. It focuses on basic pencil control and helps children develop skills gradually. Toddlers can begin tracing simple lines and move on to more complicated tracing, such as zigzags and curves.

    Available at Amazon starting at $5.24

  • My Sight Words Workbook: 101 High-Frequency Words Plus Games & Activities!

    Sight words made simple

    Mastering sight words will help your child become a fluent reader, but they can be a challenge. (Cough, my son, cough.) Give your child a boost with this beginner's guide for early readers and kindergarteners – it has bright colors, fun animals, and the top 101 sight words to increase reading speed and comprehension.

    Available at Amazon starting at $9.56

  • Didax Educational Resources Unifix Cubes Set

    Cubes for counting

    Counting, sorting, stacking, color matching – the possibilities are endless with these classic cubes. If you have a range of ages in your home, your older kids can use these cubes as math tools while your little ones have fun stacking and sorting them.

    Available at Amazon starting at $13.95

  • Skoolzy Lacing Beads

    For building fine motor skills

    These oversized lacing beads with sturdy string are the perfect tool for teaching fine motor skills and working on hand-eye coordination. You can also use them to teach colors and shapes. One note: These are recommended for children age 2 and up.

    Available at Amazon starting at $16.97

  • Wee Gallery Baby Animals Lacing Cards

    Lacing cards for coordination

    Build hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and dexterity with these whimsical animal lacing cards. We predict that even big kids won't be able to resist lacing with these in the house.

    Available at Amazon starting at $19.99

  • Dry Erase Lap Boards

    Individual-sized boards

    Having loosely homeschooled my four children with a baby in tow this spring, I can say with 100-percent certainty that a dry erase whiteboard is a must for at-home learning. I used a large one for instruction during our lesson time, and the kids used their individual ones to demonstrate concepts, jot down notes, and solve problems.

    Available at Amazon starting at $17.99 for 6

  • AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board

    Large whiteboard for lessons

    Speaking of large whiteboards, this AmazonBasics version is affordable and magnetic, so you can use it a variety of ways. I propped mine up on a windowsill to teach while the kids gathered around the kitchen table. Instant classroom!

    Available at Amazon starting at $34.90

  • Kid O A to Z Magnatab

    Learn-your-letters fun

    For kids learning to write the alphabet, a magnet stylus pen that lets you "erase" with your finger makes writing "A" to "Z" much more fun. These are on the expensive side, but will stand up to years of use by multiple kids.

    Available at Amazon starting at $23.44

  • Smart Start Grade Pre-K Activity Book

    An all-around winner

    This workbook by Evan Moor is a one-stop shop for pre-K students, so you can't go wrong with this choice. It teaches "SMART" skills – science, math, art, reading, and thinking.

    Available at Amazon starting at $8.98

  • Teacher Lesson Planner: Weekly and Monthly Agenda Calendar

    A pretty homeschool planner

    With my limited knowledge of homeschooling four different grades so far, the biggest challenge is planning. Almost every night, I found myself scrambling to throw a lesson together for the next day, and it was exhausting. Save yourself the stress with this pretty homeschool planner for the 2020-2021 academic year. It's specifically designed to help you put together weekly lesson plans.

    Available at Amazon starting at $8.99

  • Osmo Genius Starter Kit for iPad

    Tablet learning kit

    You may feel that remote learning and homeschooling already rely too much on screens, but even so – this kit from Osmo is worth your consideration. It transforms your tablet into an educational tool that can bring learning to life for your little ones. The kit comes with a tablet holder and plenty of hands-on learning resources that will ensure the screen is just part – not the entirety – of your child's learning. There's also a compatible kit for Fire tablets, so Android users can get access to this as well.

    Available at Amazon starting at $99.99

  • My First Daily Magnetic Calendar

    A kid-friendly calendar to stay on track

    Um, what day is it again? Lately it can be easy to lose track. This classroom staple will help your kids (and you!) identify days of the week, the months, and the weather – and offer a fun way to start the day together.

    Available at Amazon starting at $24.95

  • Learning Without Tears Letters and Numbers for Me Student Workbook

    Classic handwriting workbook

    Anyone else remember this handwriting workbook from our childhood? It's a classic for a reason – it's simple, straightforward, and makes learning to write pain-free for kids. This version is best for kindergarten-age children.

    Available at Amazon starting at $13.75

  • Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers

    A box set for early readers

    Bob books start small to encourage confidence in new readers, then gradually build their way up. For example, the first story only has four letters in it, making it easy for new readers to grasp. Eventually, vowels and three-letter words are added – keeping pace with your little one's learning and making reading fun, not stressful.

    Available at Amazon starting at $10.19

  • Koala Tools Bear Claw Pencils

    Writing implements for little cubs

    Sure, regular pencils will get the job done, but these are oversize and triangular-shaped for little hands, and feature a graphite core that's perfect for drawing, tracing, writing, and more.

    Available at Amazon starting at $11.97 for 6

  • Hape All-in-One Art Easel

    An easel with all the accessories

    You never knew an easel was a piece of workout equipment, did you? But when children work at an easel, it builds muscles for fine motor skills, like writing on paper. This all-in-one easel has a magnetic whiteboard on one side, a chalkboard on the other, and a refillable paper roll. Bonus: The reusable paint pots keep messes to a minimum.

    Available at Amazon starting at $51.26

  • Handy Art Masters Washable Tempera Paint

    Paint refills for young Picassos

    All those masterpieces your kids will create on their new art easel will require a lot of paint refills. This six-pack is a smart buy for craft time.

    Available at Amazon starting at $18.38 for 6

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