Your 3 3/4-year-old: Getting silly

Your 3 3/4-year-old: Getting silly

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Your 3-year-old now

Is there any happier sound in the world than your child giggling uncontrollably? It sounds even better if you're the one instigating the silliness.

Preschoolers love visual humor, and you don't need to be Robin Williams to get them guffawing. Tap into your silly side and become a master of the absurd. Wear your sweater inside out. Put your shoes on your hands and your gloves on your feet. You may feel ridiculous, but your child will love it. Unexpected sights, things that are backward or the wrong size or upside down always get a big laugh.

You can also use this fondness for the absurd to your advantage. For one thing, it's a fun way to get your child to do things she'd rather not. Picking up toys is more tolerable if she sees you using your "elephant trunk" to deposit the toys in bins. Or quack an order to "put on your shoes" like a duck. Pretending a light shopping bag is too heavy to lift is a great way to get a balking preschooler to forget her dawdling and play the hero by lifting it up for you. And levity will often break the tension when a power struggle seems to be brewing.

Silliness can be a kind of teaching ploy, too. Mess up the words in a favorite book, miscount things, or say the sky is green. She'll giggle, catch your mistake, and never realize that all this laughter is good for her.

Your life now

Staying organized can be a challenge when you live with a tiny tornado. "Everything has its place," yes, but only until your preschooler breezes through a room. The surest road to insanity is to get hung up on perfect tidiness. You'll spend all your time and energy picking up after her — only to watch it all get messed up again within minutes. Gradually your child will be better able to put away toys or books right after they're used and not leave clothes lying in heaps, but maybe not before kindergarten — or even high school graduation.

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