Your 32-month-old: Nap-time strategies

Your 32-month-old: Nap-time strategies

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Your 2-year-old now

An afternoon nap still helps rambunctious preschoolers recharge and stay pleasant till bedtime. So don't be in a hurry to drop naps. If your preschooler skips a nap and is cranky by or before bedtime, that's a sign he still needs daytime sleep. How to encourage sleep in a nap resister?

  • Use a modified, shorter version of your bedtime routine for consistency's sake.
  • If your preschooler won't stay in his room, consider a door latch on the outside of the door or a baby gate to let him know it's rest time. (Show him how the latch or gate works and explain its use so he's not frightened.)
  • If you're able to nap, too, consider lying down together.
  • If your tot still resists counting sheep, have him stay in his room for "quiet time." Odds are he may fall asleep anyway. If not, the downtime will provide a bit of rest.

Your life now

Your 2-year-old is probably getting bolder (and having more and more fun) around water. You know you must keep an eye on him at all times in pools or other bodies of water, but what about swimming lessons to further boost your peace of mind? Programs that teach little ones to swim abound and can be a terrific way of accustoming a child to water and getting some exercise. Be aware, though, that formal lessons aren't usually recommended until after age 3 because a child younger than that can rarely be taught to swim well enough to be considered water safe.

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