Your 30-month-old: Why regression happens

Your 30-month-old: Why regression happens

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Your 2-year-old now

If only all development happened in a straight line! For all your child's progress, she'll slide a bit backward every now and then. For example, someone who's been sleeping soundly through the night (finally!) for months begins popping up in your bed at 3 a.m. A pacifier is dug up and latched on to. Or a child who was potty-trained early suddenly has a rash of accidents.

Regression happens for many reasons. Sometimes a child is working so hard on one kind of skill that she backslides on another. Stress (vacation, a new sitter, a parent returning to work) or fear (of the dark, of separating) may also be a trigger.

When your child regresses, provide extra security and comfort without making a big deal over it. It's okay to give in a little, with a limit: "Okay, you can wear your training pants today, and we'll go back to your underpants tomorrow." Kids have a drive to go forward and will soon outgrow any "baby" behaviors they revisit.

If you're really concerned, mention regressive behaviors to your doctor. Rarely, a physical disorder can cause the loss of previously acquired skills.

Your life now

You're probably learning which discipline strategies work best for you. But here's one you should never use: Don't take away your child's lovey (favorite teddy, doll, blankie, or other beloved transitional object) as punishment. Don't even threaten to do so. A lovey is a powerful symbol of you and a source of great comfort to your child. No matter how mad you are or what kind of lesson you want to teach, you don't want to mess with something as central to your child's well-being as that.

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