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Chess for Preschool Children

Chess for Preschool Children

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Chess, which has become a game / sport that is frequently encountered in preschool education programs, both entertains and educates children. Parents and educators are not indifferent to the situation and teach their children to play this game as soon as possible. If you want your child to learn chess, read this article and listen to our suggestions…

Benefits of Chess in Preschool Education…

• Improves Mind and Imagination:
The child is practicing effective thinking throughout the game. He thinks moves, constructs games, calculates how he gets responses, and he always lives through this live process.

• Improves Attention:
Since there are positions in the game that he will face and will remain in the game, he has to concentrate his attention on the game and moves in order to avoid unwanted results.

• Improves Forecasting:
He has to calculate the future and the consequences of his actions: am If I play this stone, what will be the benefit and harm of the new situation to me? Sor he asks.

• Teaches Comprehensive Thinking, Improves Inventive Ability:
Every new move in the chess also means thousands of new options and possibilities. The child has to review the whole chessboard or the field of action, calculate the different consequences of each decision, and find and choose the most suitable one among the many moves.

• Teaches patience, moderation and composure:
Understands the consequences of cursory child movements or moves. For this reason, he will take action after making a quick decision, thinking and analyzing the situation, reviewing it many times and making sure.

• Gain self-confidence:
The child who thinks, evaluates, takes decisions with courage, applies and gets results gains self-confidence. He learns not to be disappointed when things go bad. There may be a useful change in the habit of waiting and searching for new remedies.

• Introduces New Words and Concepts:
Recognize the stones and learn how they move. While practicing, he learns many new words and concepts such as “straight, cross, back, forward, back, side, L-shape, square, matte, moves, movement hareket..

• Teaches Respect for Rules and Competitor:
Chess as a game can only last if the child complies with the rules / principles. He expects the opponent to follow these rules.

• Delights and Entertains:
Perhaps the most important is that the child can enjoy the play process and feel that he is having fun.

What can families do?

• Try to create stories within the game. For example, you can increase the child's interest in the game by saying alı the king of your country is trying to meet the king of my country, let's unite them by playing by the rules ”.

• Give your child more time to think while playing and encourage him or her to continue playing and think about the moves in the game.

• While some parents play with their child, they can remove some of their stones to encourage their child, which makes the game more complicated and also upsets the children more than motivating them.

• During the game, turn the board one or more times, giving the child the opportunity to see his or her pieces from different angles. You can also change sides from time to time in the game so that you can try to improve your child's ability to adapt to different situations.

• If you are playing chess on a computer with your child, allow your child to use the undo function in the game, but not you siz

Last word…

Turkey Chess Federation in;

Başlayarak Our children should be aimed at yararlanma benefiting from the positive effects of chess in personality development başlayarak starting from as young as possible, trying to ensure that our children exhibit positive behaviors and this aim should be adopted as a görev duty.. ”

He is trying to direct their families and children to this sport.

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