Is it possible to go back to exclusive breastfeeding after supplementing with formula?

Is it possible to go back to exclusive breastfeeding after supplementing with formula?

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It isn't too late for you to go back to exclusive breastfeeding if that's what you want.

Most mothers start supplementing because they are under the impression that they aren't producing enough milk for their baby. While an occasional mother has a truly insufficient milk supply, most mothers produce plenty of milk as long as they breastfeed often enough and the baby is latching on and suckling correctly.

To breastfeed exclusively, you'll have to boost your milk production, and the best way to do that is to breastfeed more often. If you're supplementing every feeding with formula, cut back to every other feeding. Your baby, who is used to getting more to eat at each feeding, will then want to eat more often than usual. You'll then have two nursing sessions that are fairly close together, and then two that are farther apart. As your milk supply builds from breastfeeding more frequently, you can begin decreasing the amount and frequency of the formula you are giving until you are back to exclusive breastfeeding.

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