Your bedside book during pregnancy 9 months 10 days

Your bedside book during pregnancy 9 months 10 days

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Pregnancy is one of the most special periods in a woman's life. Mothers are experiencing a very different process. That's why there are so many questions that come to their minds during their pregnancy. But now there is a brand new book that will answer all the questions they seek: 9 Months 10 Days! Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Kagan Kocatepe: will be the bedside book for all mothers.

: 1. How did the idea of ​​writing the book 9 months and 10 days come about?
Dr. Kagan Kocatepe: The idea of ​​writing the book came about four years ago as a project. Within the scope of the public information project on issues concerning women's health, the first 9 months and 10 days were released. This is followed by a second book on general women's health and a third book on menopause. I was disturbed by the fact that the health books in our country were generally translated books from American books, and this idea took its origin from the idea of ​​eliminating this disorder completely. In our country, the government is making huge investments to train a doctor. We try to pay for this by providing health services to our patients and to our people. However, Turkish people are providing health services in Turkey, Turkey's health, I believe consisting of a reference to the information compiled by a doctor who deserve the social and economic conditions for a long time. This is not the only medical field. Our people who are trained in almost every field can produce original works for us. Our people do not prefer products that are produced in the direction of Turkey bilinçlendik as the number of such books will also increase.

: Which points did you pay attention to when preparing the book?
Dr. Kagan Kocatepe: In the book, I first paid attention to a very specific subject: Mother and Father Candidate: what are their expectations, what they want more information about, what wrong information they have, which subject does not concern them. Another issue was to translate the medical language into as much folk language as possible. Although this was hard for me at first, I'm glad that the reactions have shown that I have provided it.

: What topics are waiting for mothers in this book?
Dr. Kagan Kocatepe: The book takes the mother and father candidate from the moment she decides to have a baby, and carries the newborn period of the baby until the mother completes the maternity period. The normal events taking place in this process and the abnormal events that are likely to occur take place in a wide range. The division of the pregnancy process is presented to the reader in a way that describes the changes occurring week by week.

: How did you get reactions from the mothers about the book?
Dr. Kagan Kocatepe: It's been four months now and not all reactions are clear. All of the reactions are positive, but you need to wait; Of course.

: How can mothers obtain this book?
Dr. Kagan Kocatepe: Pregnant mothers can obtain this book from the bookstores and online. helping you book over the Internet and abroad thanks to your sacrifice and I know that Turkey also reached the farthest. I would like to thank you again on behalf of myself and the parents.

: Do you have any suggestions to make the best use of the book recipients?
Dr. Kagan Kocatepe: In the first chapter of the book, the anatomical and physiological structure of the woman is given. Everyone should first read this section and learn basic information about their body. If the person who reads the book is in preparation for pregnancy, he should read this section and stop until the pregnancy begins. When she becomes pregnant, she should continue reading from week to week. Each week within the week-by-week pregnancy section there is guidance on another relevant topic, along with information about the changes in the mother and the baby during that week. Each expectant mother should only read her own pregnancy week and the subject of that week and stop there. This may lead to the excitement of the miracle of pregnancy as a novel and a better understanding of the information. I especially paid attention to this subject when I chapted the book. The book deals with everything from A to Z due to its encyclopedic features. There is no need to read the chapters regarding the probable problems in the mother and the baby, unless there is a problem.

: Are you planning to write a book for mothers?
Dr. Kagan Kocatepe: I don't think I have the right to write a book on Motherhood and Baby Care. This is not my subject. This is one of my favorite principles of our book publishing house Papatya Yayıncılık and one of the reasons why I prefer this publishing house: According to my opinion, a person should write a book about his / her profession or the issues that he / she can assume responsibility for the results. This is even more important for the health field. The second book on women's health 28 Days / Being a Woman is currently in the process of re-reading and correcting. It's coming out at the end of August. Women's Health in Menopause will probably be published in early 2003.

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