How safe is your child at home?

How safe is your child at home?

The houses are full of dangers for children. Are you even worried that your child will have an accident, even when you are sitting at home? So Turkey's first Child Safety Specialist Arzu Birinci You should read our interview with. Tips for making your home safe in this article…

: How was the idea of ​​becoming a child safety expert born?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile Our investment in such a matter stems from the needs of our own child. We couldn't find a suitable child safety gate for days for the safety of our 1.5 year old son who was in danger of falling down the stairs of our house about 6 years ago. The product we found did not fit the stairs or could not be mounted safely. After all; I started to research in Europe and USA, I visited various fairs. In the United States, I found that child safety at home was of the utmost importance and it was a sector. I did a master's degree on this subject.

: In order to become an expert in this subject, does a certain training, a certificate be required?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile I lived in the USA for a while and received 'Child Profing' training. I'm an only child with security certificates currently in Turkey. I have been implementing this in our country for two years.

: Are there examples of your work in the world?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile Statistics, awareness raising and prevention activities are carried out professionally on 'Child Safety' in the United States in the world and in Scandinavian countries in Europe. There are about 300 child safety experts in the United States. I am one of the 3 certified experts in Europe.

: What services do you provide?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile We are the only organization that applies the Child Proofing system in the USA with the same methods. For two years we have been practicing in hundreds of homes, schools and hospitals. First, by explaining what Child Proofing is, we can make our activity more understandable. Pro Child Proofing ”; In particular, we can state that the places where the child in the 0-6 age group is located are to be free from the potential accident risks that the child will suffer. In other words, it creates a safe environment for the child. This system ensures the physical safety of the child and allows him / her to move freely in the environment without interfering with the investigative spirit. It contributes to the increase of self-confidence. Parents also have the opportunity to devote more time to themselves through this secure environment. Upon request from families, the house where the child is located, visiting and living areas; For example, the kitchen, bedroom, children's room, private areas, windows, staircases, common areas such as accident risks are examined and potential accident risks are identified. The most economical and effective child safety products are selected and provided with appropriate measures to reduce the risks, and the installation of these products makes the living spaces safe. This application can be applied successfully in every place where the child is located, such as nursery, kindergarten and hospital. In addition, to raise awareness of parents and teachers and administrators responsible for children; Necessary information is provided about creating a child-safe place and seminars are organized for this purpose.

: How are your services provided by parents? Is there a demand?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile I expected on a request came from the nursery and kindergarten administrator to make conscious families, mainly in Turkey. We have not been able to take our work out of Istanbul yet. However, in order to benefit from this service for children outside of Istanbul, at least initially, I wish it would spread to cities such as Izmir, Ankara and Antalya. For this reason, I plan to give franchising in these provinces this year. In the United States, where statistics are kept regularly, 4.5 million children are injured every year due to home accidents. These accidents cause permanent disability in 5000 children and unfortunately some of them die. 70% of children affected by home accidents are children under 4 years of age. In addition, the statistics showed that one in every four children in the preschool period can be prevented and incidents.
The most important share of household accidents is falls. Falling from high places, especially windows and stairs, is in the first place by 65%. In the United States, 4550 children fall out of a window and 400 of them die. Accident choking, poisoning and burns are among the main household accidents in preschool children. In our country, 80% of the applications related to children in 112 emergency departments constitute home accidents.

: How long should a baby be home made safe after being months?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile Before a baby can crawl and start moving, the home must be secured against accidents before the child is about 6 months old.

: How much does it cost to secure the house?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile The cost of securing the house against accidents is 600 YTl-800 YTL for an apartment and it can increase to 2000 YTL - 3000 YTL in these multi-storey detached houses.

: What kind of accidents are encountered at home?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile Poisoning, drowning, and burns are the most common home accidents, especially in falls at home, especially in children aged 0-6. The falls are mostly from the stairs, windows and bed. Poisoning is caused by drugs, detergents and cleaning agents. Burns, electrical burns, hot water burns, stoves, heat sources such as heat and burns are the leading.

: Can you give some information about the precautions that parents can take to prevent these accidents?
Exp. View Arzu's Full Profile Main Security Measures;
• Security gates to prevent them from falling down stairs and passing to sections you do not want to enter,
• Security locks to prevent falling from windows,
• Special child safety locks to prevent access to harmful substances such as detergents, knives, medicine and glassware inside the cabinet and drawer,
• Special protection elements to prevent the furniture from hitting sharp, pointed, edges and corners,
• Furnace Barriers to Prevent Furnace Fire from reaching Hot Boiling Materials and Protectors to Prevent Play with Knobs,
• Protectors to prevent it from playing with your electronic devices such as TV and DVD,
• Socket Protectors and Safety Night Lights in the Bedroom to Prevent Plays with Electrical Sockets,
• Non-Slip Bath Mat to prevent it from sliding in the bathtub in the bathroom and Battery Protector to prevent the head from hitting the bath faucet,
• Bath Thermometer for Controlling Bath Water Temperature,
• To prevent the toilet from falling into, playing with water inside and squeezing its hand on the lid, the toilet seat security lock,
• Finger Protector and Door Holder to Prevent Hand and Fingers from Pinching on Doors and Windows,
• Earthquake Safety Elements to Prevent the Shaking of Furniture and / or Climbing of Children by Falling on Furniture,
• Since it can pull and drop the TV, the TV Connecting Element,
• Mattress Barrier to prevent falling from bed,
• Balustrade Safety Net / Protective Panels to Prevent Pinching or Falling Through Balustrades and Balcony Railings,
• Special Child Safety Pool Barriers and Private Safety Swimming Swimsuits in order not to fall into the swimming pool, to facilitate their swimming outside the adult supervision and to ensure safety.
• Dangerous Curtain Rope Special Security Curtain Rope Collectors,
• Glass Security Film Coating for Door and Window Glass and Glass Furniture Units
• Anti-Slip Tapes to Prevent Losses from Stairs,
• Object Safety Wax to Prevent Tilting of Glass Objects such as Vases by Earthquakes or Any Shakes,

It should be used.

- Do not leave shopping bags and dry cleaning nylon bags in the middle.
- Place your ornamental plants in the house out of reach of children, as they may be poisonous or the leaves and soil may cause choking.
- Make sure that the paints used in children's cots are not lead based. Side pillar spacing of the bed is 6.5 cm. should not be wider.
- Cots on the cot should be removed after 6 months.
- Toy, pillow, blanket, cot side protection cushions should not be left as they may want to step out of the cot.
- A toy suitable for the age of the child should be selected, a removable apparatus; eyes, nose should not be like, the toy on the ribbon, long laces, etc. should be removed.
- Bucket, bathtub and so on. water should not be collected in open containers. Accumulated water below 5 cm may pose a choking hazard to the child.


• Home Accidents are not invisible accidents.
• Accidents are instant events. It occurs in the blink of an eye. You can prevent them with the measures you will take.
• Take necessary measures before your child starts crawling.
• Always follow the procedure for safety precautions.

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