Women according to zodiac signs and their characteristics

Women according to zodiac signs and their characteristics

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Women of Aries March 21 - April 20
His philosophy is bak self-care “. He doesn't need a man after him to do his work. Not wanting to leave the leadership to anybody directs them to make the first move in every subject, even if it is love, the first step is taken by the coach girl. It does not bind social rules, it lives and feels as it thinks and believes. His hand is open, he generously shares his time, his interest, his money, but he is stingy about sharing the people he loves. If you have Aries, your secretary will be a plus for your marriage. These girls are completely free before marriage and are usually in business. And they are successful business women, their speeches are rational and fast. They are certainly not boring, they can reflect their energy at any moment. They're not as tough as they seem, and if you can get through the wall, someone's too hot. Bad situations, diseases do not intimidate you, but they expect close attention.

Taurus woman April 21-May 21
Disciplined, patient, outspoken, honest people. They are more courageous and brave than many men. They patiently confront all the problems they have had to live in, but if you step on your vein, your anger is enough to kidnap everyone around you. He can't stand empty-headed people, he's looking for a real man. He is not interested in complex issues and prefers to express himself in a practical and understandable way instead of making philosophy. He becomes indifferent to his enemies, icy, and friendly to his friends in warm, sincere and bad days. Like a bull, he likes naturalness. You cannot see artificial flowers in the vase, they are fragrant, exotic fragrances. In fact, smells, sounds and colors affect them very much. Lovers of bright and vivid colors, and even if this color is one of the shades of blue can not endure.Music is another magic for them, they have skills against art. Playing musical instruments, painting, visiting exhibitions, being in nature make them happy. They reinforce their visual beauty with their simple and tasteful dressing. They want their clothes to be expensive, quality, practical rather than fancy. They like to do everything slowly, they act cautiously, and when they poke to rush, they can get angry and be aggressive. They are enduring people, and they cannot tolerate weakness. They do not complain about them, they are loyal, hospitable. Being heavy, moving with calm often get tired of being lazy. On the contrary, a bull woman is very hardworking and does not like to make money from the air, wants to get the reward of her labor.

Gemini woman May 22-June 21
It's hard to stop in a fixed place, wandering around. She is a cheerful, full of life, humorous, intelligent woman. It's really hard for him to commit to a human being. Due to its nature, it constantly searches for change. When you learn to be patient and consistent, everything will be fine. He's always got original ideas, he's not a monotonous person. Just because they look cold in their relationship with men doesn't mean they're heartless. On the contrary, their imagination is wide. And he may fall in love when he finds someone that he can adapt to, excites himself, who doesn't want to change, that is compassionate. Generally, he pays attention to mental abilities and intelligence, and sometimes questions the other's interest in music and poetry. Both emotional and intellectual…

Cancer woman June 22 - July 23
Shy, imaginary world wide, a little sad, a little crazy ladies. They don't like to be criticized or rejected. They keep secrets very well. Because they're shy, they can't make the first move in human relationships. But when you make the first movement and meet you will not leave, even from time to time you get bored, sincere and caring people. Fear of being disliked and thinking that he is not loved enough often disturb him. He even doubts that although he is a very good cook, he sometimes does not cook well. Yet the kitchen is her favorite place at home. When he loves, he glorifies the other person, obeys him and wraps him in a warm love. The idea of ​​secession never crosses his mind. Because his emotions are not superficial, everything he thinks belongs to him is with him forever. The tricky part is that even the smallest hinting leads to it pulling into its shell because of its delicate structure, once it is pulled into its shell it may take a long time to get out of there. He thinks that at such times nothing will improve, he cannot overcome. You shouldn't leave you alone in your depressed times. They are not stingy, they are not wasteful, they like to save and to be safe.

Leo woman July 24-August 23
The Leo woman is sensitive and bound to her memories. She is a privileged woman with many outstanding qualities; smart, elegant, beautiful, with a quirky popularity, attractive sakin Make sure you look quiet, cute, pretend, clearly show that they are arrogant and proud. They like to live luxury, they are courageous and generous, they don't like to see the scenes of poverty, which puts them in depression. Closing a house is not his style. He wants to do his job. Not to earn money, but to win respectability. They love to compete with men. They are suitable for professions that they can speak and advise. If he is at home, he will spend a lot of money to decorate the house in the highest quality. He likes to look after himself, it is important for him to look beautiful. Typical lions prefer sport clothes, but how to dress, they will prefer expensive and well sewn clothes. It is expensive but has impeccable tastes.

Virgo woman 24 August-23 September
The most practical and most romantic woman among all the signs is Virgo. He hates hypocrisy. Although he is not perfect, he seeks perfection. He cannot trust others, so he does his own work, and he doesn't believe that anyone can do his work properly and well. They are clean, tidy, disciplined and punctual. It has a calm structure, does not exhibit angry situations, and when she is very angry, she responds by reversing or scolding. He doesn't like to apologize, he apologizes so implicitly, you won't notice. He pays attention to details, nothing goes unnoticed. It is very careful and practical, especially in financial matters can rely on the virgin daughter infinitely. He's not sincere. He seeks order in everything and wants speeches to be appropriate to grammar. She likes plain and tidy clothing. His intelligence and pleasure give him good intuition. He's a secret jar, and he's not jealous. Cultural activities are for him. Theater, concerts, books. He cannot stand the criticism of others, but he criticizes himself very cruelly. It does not escape extremes, it can live alone throughout its life. When he finds the partner he is looking for, he is very loyal. His emotional structure is under control, but he is not heartless, he is very pleasant, kind, generous. It is a good match with its silent courage and sense of responsibility. apple against chocolate…

Libra woman September 24-October 22
Very beautiful, white-skinned, gentle and delicate voice, silky lace garments in a beautiful smell that smells like a scales woman. Even so, he's a man. He thinks like a man and discusses his subtle intelligence without hiding it behind his smiles. If you avoid arguing with the balance, he will sit down and argue to himself. He's usually right, convincing you with a clear logic. It tries to make correct and balanced decisions. They want to work and earn money to buy good things. They don't like living alone, they need friends. And he wants a man in his life to really love. The typical balance is a clever woman and willing to solve her husband's problems. She's kind and emotional. He likes to talk, but he's also a good listener.

Scorpio woman October 23-November 22
This mysterious beauty has a deep appeal. It is not a colorless person in its own way, it is cold-distant for a moment, warm enough to burn you for a moment and cozy. He is selective in his friendships and does not like to spend time with simple and worthless people. Determined and determined. He likes to listen to secrets and is secretive enough to prefer to die with secrets. They like cleanliness and comfortable environments. Everything is controlled and organized in their homes. When he falls in love, he becomes the sole defender and protector of his love. Instead of overshadowing a man, he gives him the honor of being the boss of his house. He may not continue to work after marriage. He won't let his wife be done. It's impossible to leave him. Once he's stuck, he won't let go. He's a man who takes care of everything. But no one can not draw a limit to him, can not take. Jealous, but it will cause many events that will make you jealous. Wherever he goes, he'il catch the attention. He does not have a good command of his language and makes sharp criticisms. He loves money. Weird enough to save a year and spend a day. Prestige is more important to him than money. They enjoy authority and can make concessions. Often, the sense of justice is as strong as revenge. He will be generous in paying for the favors.

Sagittarius woman 23 November-22 December
Sometimes they're so outspoken. They do not hesitate to tell the truth everywhere. They don't like to lie, they're honest. Family ties are not binding for them. He doesn't like to be ordered, but he can't stand weak, soft men. They usually confuse friends and love. He is cheerful, his heart is full of confidence, intelligent and sensible. If you think it's cold and heartless, you're wrong because it's a fire group sign. His love for freedom prevents him from thinking about serious relationships. He can be like a boy, likes to do sports and camping. But they're not masculine. He has a cheerful mood to soften the toughest people. Being pessimistic makes them sick. Traditions have little to do with him. When you think of how elegant a woman can be, she can be a bachelor. They don't value money, they're wasteful. Honesty is very important to them. He can be cynical when he breaks. Loyalty, trust and love can be the three words that describe it. Unless, of course, there is no interference with his freedom, and to act as he wishes. They're idealists, maybe waiting for years to marry his first love. He's not a good housewife, but if you're patient, you'il see that he's learned to put up with housework.

Capricorn woman December 23-January 20
Stubborn, kind, gentle, modest capricorn girl. Their aim is respect, trust and position. Capricorn woman wants to have a reputation. He is determined to do so. Both Capricorn and woman have a good art ability as a result of the balance and harmony in their souls. They are committed to tradition, decent and elegant people. No matter how hard he looks, he's actually an emotional and moderate person. A deeper meaning lies behind their pessimism or crisis. They don't like jokes. Although they are very attractive and beautiful, they are insecure about it. They should often be complimented so that they can throw away their fears. Depends on family. She's married to her parents. He feels responsible to his family in terms of material and spiritual aspects. It is thin enough to show the same sensitivity towards the family of the spouse. He's an illiterate wife. He will always try to help the people in need but he does not do it as an individual, it makes more sense for him to do such services as part of an organization or even as president. He is not stingy in financial matters but he is not a warrior. Usually kids have makeup allergies. They have a beauty that doesn't need realism. Just because they're not dreamers doesn't mean they don't have dreams. They're stubborn, but they're not out of place.

Aquarius woman 21 January-19 February
The desire for freedom prevents him from engaging. He doesn't want to belong to anyone, he prefers to be with everyone. But he can do it with someone who doesn't interfere with the desire for freedom, and he will be with him forever. Men's money is none of his business, intellectual success is more important. Society's rules do not bind it, it has its own rules, albeit differently. He spends time with people, examines them and uses their freedom to the fullest. Elegant and intelligent. They're going to fit everyone and every environment immediately. They like to hide their own private thoughts and mislead them. They persist in their mistakes. Their dresses and looks are interesting, they can go crazy in disguise. Only a part of the absurd shapes he gives to his hair. He is timid and attractive. He makes remarkable speeches, he doesn't like jealousy, he doesn't want to be protected. Since the judgments are forward-looking, you need to allow time to see the accuracy. Sezgilerikuvvetl is. There is a very fine line between friendship and love for them. He may not be able to express his emotions clearly, but when he finds the person that suits him, he has an exemplary relationship.

Pisces woman February 20-March 20
The fascinating beautiful kün man who is fond of his freedom, his trust in men, and his interest and love for his side, instead of being in front of him, make him indispensable. It's hard to understand. Even with a small gain, he dresses very stylishly. And they're a little bit lonely, they like to spend money. Working when she's married doesn't seem very appealing to her. When the sensitive structure is hurt, tears are like flooding. Sometimes he can act cold and cocky to cover his shy and shy structure. This may be called a method because he's afraid of people hurting him.

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