Importance of dental care in children

Importance of dental care in children

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Noting the importance of transition from primary teeth to permanent teeth, dentists emphasize that the sugar and chocolate consumed during this period is harmful. Dentist from Anadolu Health Ataşehir Medical Center Contact Gülbin directly, “Milk teeth should be brushed from the moment they are seen in the mouth, children should be taken to the dentist every 6 months for control and protective measures should be applied, or he says.

How can we keep milk teeth healthy in the mouth until the time of replacement?

Milk teeth usually begin to emerge at the age of six months. All 20 teeth are completed by the age of three. Between the ages of 3-6 years, only the primary teeth are found in the mouth. During this period, it should be brushed very well to prevent decaying of the teeth. Brushing should be controlled by the family until the motor skills develop in the child. In addition, attention should be paid to nutrition, carbohydrate foods should not be given in snacks. Food such as sugar and chocolate should be given immediately after a meal, then the teeth should be brushed. If food is being eaten outside and there is no possibility of brushing teeth, rinse mouth with water. Chocolates adhering to the caramel tooth should never be consumed.

What are the best times to brush your teeth?

The best time for scrub is immediately after breakfast and dinner. Toothbrush should be put in the size of a child's toothpaste, the teeth should be brushed without wetting with water. When brushing the mouth should be open, lower jaw separate upper jaw separate, teeth without contact with each other from the gum to the tip of the tooth, each tooth should be taken care to clean enough.

What to do if milk teeth are decayed?

It is not right to expect that teeth will change when milk teeth decay. Because milk teeth, pain, abscess occurs and can inflate the face. Moreover, the difference between the teeth of permanent teeth, teeth, thinner pulp, called enamel and nerve-rich part of the teeth is wider than the rich teeth. Therefore, the caries progress very quickly and the tooth can become alive from inanimate to overnight. The untreated tooth may also damage the underlying permanent tooth. Using antibiotics is not a solution. The female must either cure or withdraw.

What are the consequences of premature tooth extraction?

If the milk tooth is pulled prematurely, the other teeth will try to close the tooth as the permanent tooth does not apply immediately. The last teeth cannot find room for themselves. The location of the extracted tooth must be maintained. A fixed or movable placeholder can be made for this purpose. The exchange of milk molars starts at around nine years of age and lasts until the age of 12. Around 6-7 years, the first molars last permanently from the back without changing the molars. In this period, gingival redness, swelling, tenderness may be seen. When these teeth come out, the indentations of the teeth are filled with a thin layer containing fluorine for protective purposes. This process is called iss fissur sealing.. Lower anterior milk teeth vary between 7-8 years. The permanent tooth from below melts the root of the milk tooth, the tooth shakes and falls. There may also be cases where the permanent tooth is driven at the back. In this case, a double row of teeth is seen in the mouth. The permanent tooth needs to be pulled out of the milk tooth in order to fit it. Permanent teeth around 12-13 years have replaced milk teeth. Genetic factors are effective in delay. In order to strengthen the structure of the tooth, fluorine gels are also applied to the teeth as a preservative.

Do children have dental calculus?

Children may also develop calculus. Yellowish calculus is seen with the precipitation of calcium in the saliva in the place where continuous food accumulates. Dentures should be cleaned and oral hygiene should be motivated. The dentures disrupt the structure of the gingiva, making it softer and bleeding. The use of iron-containing drugs can sometimes lead to black staining of the teeth, but this is a temporary condition.

As a result, brushing should be started as soon as milk teeth are seen in the mouth, children should be taken to the dentist every 6 months for control and protective measures should be applied.


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