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Blood Pressure Control in Children When?

Blood Pressure Control in Children When?

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Hypertension is not just adult disease. Memorial Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist View Sinan's Full Profile “Hypertension can be seen at any age from neonatal period to adolescence,” he shares information about hypertension with families.

: At what age should the doctor perform routine blood pressure control during the examination?
Dr. View Sinan's Full Profile Routine blood pressure checks of children should be performed from the age of 3 during the examinations.

: What are the causes of childhood hypertension? Does fatness have an effect?
Dr. View Sinan's Full Profile The causes of hypertension vary according to age groups. Renal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine (hormonal) diseases and hypertension of unknown cause are the main causes. Obesity is not a cause, but a factor affecting blood pressure.

: Is childhood hypertension permanent?
Dr. View Sinan's Full Profile When the cause of childhood hypertension is eliminated, hypertension is not permanent.

: From what age can hypertension occur?
Dr. View Sinan's Full Profile Hypertension can be seen at any age from neonatal period to adolescence. Causes vary according to age group. For example, kidney and heart diseases are prominent in the newborn period.

: How many blood pressure values ​​should be in order to talk about hypertension?
Dr. View Sinan's Full Profile The value of hypertension varies according to age, sex and height. According to the tables prepared according to age, sex and height, hypertension is mentioned in case of large and small blood pressure values ​​above the 95th percentile.

: Is there a greater risk for children with hypertension in their parents?
Dr. View Sinan's Full Profile Yeah. The presence of hypertension in the parents and even other members of the family increases the risk of being seen in the child.

: What are the diagnosis and treatment methods?
Dr. View Sinan's Full Profile Diagnosis is based on history, physical examination, laboratory and imaging methods to be obtained from the patient and their relatives. Treatment is done for cause. For example, if you have heart disease, it is treated.


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