Dental care before pregnancy

Dental care before pregnancy

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When planning a baby's arrival to the world; you will consult your follow-up doctor, have a general check-up, talk to your gynecologist, maybe apply to your dietician, and prepare for 9 months and 10 days. During this period, one of the issues you should pay attention to is your oral and dental health. Special Euro Dent Saadettin Silver Oral and Dental Health Dentist Nedim Sever Describes those who are curious about planned dental care before pregnancy.

While many changes occur in your body during pregnancy, your teeth are inevitably affected. As it is known, in the treatment of your existing oral and dental problems, panoramic x-rays, even at very low doses, are performed for the condition of a single tooth called RVG. In addition, fillings, medications used in the canal, and implant applications, as the case may be, refer to external interventions.

If pregnancy is planned, it is of great benefit to consult a dentist before this process. Completion of treatments for problems present in the mouth before pregnancy will greatly reduce the potential pain, tingling and tenderness of the expectant mother during pregnancy and minimize the risk of infection by any interventional procedure. Considering that the first three months of pregnancy play a key role in the development of the baby, the importance of taking precautions against infection emerges. For this reason, a general visit with dentist visit, dental calculus cleaning, fillings should be done if necessary.

Dental care during pregnancy

Changing hormone levels in the body during pregnancy will increase sensitivity to teeth and gums. In addition, activation of the vomiting reflex after morning sickness will damage the teeth. To keep this damage to a minimum, care must be taken to brush teeth regularly. While planning the pregnancy, fluoride application, fluoride tablets use, fissure sealant applications are the practical solutions to increase the durability of the teeth.

The mother should pay attention to the calcium content of her diet before pregnancy, both for her own bone health and for the baby's bone development. The belief that each pregnancy causes a tooth loss is a totally superstitious idea. If the mother does not pay attention to her own nutrition, both the personal health and the development of the baby are adversely affected. If the prospective mother is not fed enough in terms of calcium, the calcium needed for the baby is used from the mother's own reserves. Milk, yogurt, cheese and similar dairy products, as well as calcium-containing green leafy vegetables, walnuts, nuts, legumes should be consumed. Of course, while taking care of nutrition, brushing the teeth regularly from the gums to the teeth three times a day, three times a day after breakfast and before bedtime, is also a mandatory daily care to maintain oral and dental health. The use of mouthwash and dental floss will provide great support for this treatment.

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