New alternative solutions for IVF treatment

New alternative solutions for IVF treatment

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Failures in the in vitro fertilization method can be overcome with the latest advanced methods, as well as some methods to help post-fertilization.
What is a parternal lymphocyte vaccine? What is in vitro fertilization?It is generally used in the treatment of mothers who have miscarriages that fall into the failed IVF category. It is a type of vaccine that is injected into the mother's arm by separating lymphocyte cells from the blood taken from the man. It has been accepted in studies that it has an important place in preventing the negative effects of immune system. It is a successful method for in vitro fertilization and prevents the formation of cells in the womb that may harm the baby. This vaccine, which has no side effects, is administered in 2 stages, before and after treatment.
What is the auxiliary budding laserte process?In vitro fertilization, which is a method that affects the success of the uterus in the uterus to keep the outer layer must be thinner. It is a process that will facilitate the thinning of the layer of craft in the laboratory during the preparation phase.
What is the application of artificial uterus?This method, which is a method used in in vitro fertilization failures, provides a natural environment for the development of embryos by collecting cells from the uterine wall.
When is blastocyst transfer applied?A blastocyst is the last state of the fertilized egg before it clings. Blastocyte embryos that have been kept in the laboratory and developed until this time are transferred to the uterus on the 5th or 6th day.
What is the importance of acupuncture in IVF success?Acupuncture increases the success of treatment in IVF applications. Due to the mother's stress resistance, beta-endorphin secretion, the blood flow in the uterus is accelerated, the uterus matures, pregnancy is facilitated and the embryo's attitude is facilitated. Many authorities recommend failed post-IVF acupuncture.What is Reiki?Reiki is a natural treatment that is applied to certain parts of the body. It provides healing both mentally and physically with energy flow. Failed can be applied to reduce stress after IVF.
What is the importance of antioxidants in practice?Adverse conditions caused by environmental factors damage the cells and cause them to lose their function. The use of antioxidants protects cells from these negative effects and becomes an auxiliary factor in applications.

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